View Full Version : Repair of broken Ground glass and torn bellows

Chris Hansen
24-Feb-1998, 01:04
I recently discovered an 8x10 view camera in a friends attic. It has a broken gr ound glass and a 2'' rip in the bellows. The camera is fully operational with b oth rear and front rise and tilt.As I live clear up in the boonies what are my o ptions for repairs. Can I do any of it myself? Any advice would be appreciated. Chris

Sergio Ortega
31-Mar-1998, 19:59
Chris, Try LARGE FORMAT SPECIALISTS, 1-800-458-6092, e-mail: shufly@penn.com, St ephen shuart, 102 Pine Ave, Kane, Pa 16735

Barry Young
21-Apr-1998, 06:26
I repair large format cameras. Please email me if you need my services.

Barry Young