View Full Version : Symmar Doppel-Anastigmat 6,8 / 300mm

Ronald Müller
13-Feb-2005, 06:45
I need some information on a large format lense (uncoated). The following info is printed on the lens:

Schneider Kreuznach Doppel-Anastigmat Symmar f=6,8 F=30 cm (mounted in Compound-shutter)

First, is it a dagor-type lens ?

... is it a convertible lens?

... covers the lens 8x10" with movements?

... is there anyone, who works with such a lens?

Thank you in advance, Ronald.

13-Feb-2005, 07:51
The very earliest Symmar lenses were of Dagor design. From the description and shutter mount of this lens I would be fairly certain that it is of Dagor design.

Assuming that it is of Dagor design it could be used as a convertible lens, as can Dagors, with just one of the elements. But the corrections of a single element of a Dagor design is note as good as it is with convertible Protars and later model convertible Symmars (which were designed to be convertible).

A 300mm Symmar of Dagor type design should cover 8X10 with lots of movement. But never having actually used one of these lenses my comments should be taken for what they are, somewhat educated speculation.

CP Goerz
13-Feb-2005, 15:09
The lens you have is a dagor type and will cover 8x10 and up to 7x17.

Dagors by Goerz have slightly better edges, the same focal length in a Dagor can go to 14x17 at 64. The cells can be used alone and are 1 3/4 X the original focal length of the lens. The aperture will then start at F13 instead of F6.8.

Experiment with the cells to see which one is the best of the two and then use it behind the shutter/barrel as you'll have fewer troubles with flare. I've had a few of them over the years and they aren't bad at all.

CP Goerz.