View Full Version : Humidity issues

Emrehan Zeybekoglu
12-Feb-2005, 14:12
My question this time is: in a highly humid environment you can put a few grains of rice in your salt shaker so that they absorb the humidity in the salt, and consequently the salt remains dry, and you can use it, shake it with no problem. Can you use rice in the same way to eliminate humidity in a container where you keep your equipment such as cameras and lenses?

Brian Vuillemenot
12-Feb-2005, 14:20
Actually, the rice is to keep the salt from clumping together. Just get some silica dessicant (like the kind that comes in the little bags that say "do not eat") and store it with your equipment.

Bruce Watson
13-Feb-2005, 07:58
For one thing, even if you could use enough rice to absorb enough moisture (and I'm with Brian, I seem to remember that the rice is to prevent clumping, but I don't remember the mechanism), you'd find rice dust a problem me thinks.

An alternative might be:

http://www.desiccare.com/pillpak.htm (http://www.desiccare.com/pillpak.htm)

Desiccare sells to individuals. I bought a small amount of these "pillow packs." When I store film in the freezer or fridge, I put the box into a small baggie, and toss in one of these pillow packs. Keeps everything dry, as advertised. For bigger volumes, use more pillow packs, or buy bigger pillow packs. Desiccare lets you talk to technicians who can help you pick the correct size for your needs.

Emrehan Zeybekoglu
13-Feb-2005, 10:12
Thank you for helping..