View Full Version : Technika tripod mount hole size

Scott Whitford
12-Feb-2005, 08:43
Could someone please tell me the size of the tripod mounting hole in the Technika V ....1/4" or 3/8"?



Brian Ellis
12-Feb-2005, 08:54
I thought all Technikas used the 3/8 size since the cameras are made in Germany but to my surprise I learned from a post here a few months ago by someone who seemed to know what he was talking about that Linhof varied the size. Apparently some were 3/8 and others were 1/4. I do know that my Technika V was 3/8 and my Master Technika is 1/4. Maybe they decided which batch of cameras were going to the U.S. and which to Europe and varied the size accordingly.

Scott Rosenberg
12-Feb-2005, 09:25
scott... my technika could take either size. there was a 3/8" hole that had an insert that made it 1/4"... the insert could be left in to use a 1/4" mount or removed to use a 3/8" mount.