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Richard Boulware
12-Feb-2005, 07:57
Kreonite, the manufacturer of fiberglass sinks and processors for so many years, is gone. I needed to get some replacement parts for my nine-foot long Kreonite sink, and was refered to a parts and service company taking over the servicing, in Bixby, OK. Sad. They made good equipment.

14-Feb-2005, 09:32
I recently did the same thing--only I talked with this company:

http://www.dunningphoto.com/about.html (http://www.dunningphoto.com/about.html)

They were very helpful, although they didn't have the parts we needed. fwiw--I spoke with the owner, and got the low down on Kreonite, and apparently they sold everything to this company, who was the largest service & support dealer for Kreonite in the country. They told me that they can make and refurb about any processor and they have all the injection molds etc and can supply the parts for many years to come. As for the Kreolab sinks and counters etc? Apparently these are still being made and you can get them through Dunning.
I got the impression from talking with them, that not much had really changed.

14-Feb-2005, 22:42
isn't dunning in bixby?

remember the big sock kreo processors? boy were those fun to clean. i would think sink parts would be standard plumbing supply house stuff 'cept for the injected basins. the 50 gal mixer parts would still be a necessity i'd think. those were good products. now if we can just get wing-lynch in beaverton to go out of biz, that'd be a godsend.

wing-bitch, that's what i called it,


p.s. richcolor dip and dunk stunk it up too.

p.p.s. and remember them 25lb tube probes on the color analyzers from eseco? i hate to badmouth an okie company but lordy, them suckers were top-heavy!

Ernie Dunning
30-Mar-2005, 12:50
Neither Kreonite nor Kreolab is gone. Kreonite, Inc. is out ot business, but Kreonite lives on as a division of Dunning Photo Equipment, Inc. Dunning Photo owns all Kreonite trade names, copyrights, patents, and design rights. We are currently manufacturing parts and supporting our dealers and customers around the world. We bought all the Kreonite parts inventory, injection molds, and have the ability to make the parts necessary for processors.

Kreolab was bought last May by Dunning Photo and set up as a separate corporation, Kreolab, Inc.
Kreolab, Inc. is manufacturing sinks, cabinets, and darkroom accessories in Bixby, Oklahoma. We have all of the sink molds and we are building sinks up to 12 feet long.

Dunning Photo has a long history (30 years) of success with Kreonite products and we feel that we are able to carry on the Kreonite tradition.