View Full Version : Image circle for fujinon 125mm F5.6

Bob Patrick
27-Aug-2015, 19:58
Getting back into LF with a Wista 4x5. Considering a Fujinon 125mm F 5.6 for GP lens. Can anyone advise me of the image circle for this lens at F22 and infinity focus? Also, is the F8 version worth the extra size and weight considering it probably will not be used on anything other than a 4x5? Thanks. BP

27-Aug-2015, 20:22
~ 204mm image circle.

David Karp
27-Aug-2015, 21:20
It depends on the version. Check here: http://www.subclub.org/fujinon/byseries.htm.

For the single coated "W" version (with the lettering on the inside front of the lens barrel): 210mm
For the multicoated "NW" version (labeled "W" on the outside of the lens barrel): 198mm
For the multicoated "CM-W" version (labeled as such on the outside of the lens barrel): 204mm

Drew Wiley
28-Aug-2015, 08:44
Realistically, it's good for about an inch of rise at f/22 with excellent sharpness. You'll obviously get a tad more at f/32. Not the best choice for extreme architectural work. Once in awhile you'll need to use back tilt rather than mere front tilt to accommodate significant near/far applications. For landscape and general use, or moderate rise, just fine, and without the distortion of true wide-angle lenses. Very small, light, and sharp. The Fuji 125's differ in filter size. I found one that takes the smaller 52mm filters. The CMW requires 67mm. This is a popular lens with backpackers and others who place a premium on portability. It's also plenty sharp enough to also use with roll-film backs which require greater magnification when printing. Hard to go wrong with any of these, and prices are quite tempting at the moment.

Doremus Scudder
28-Aug-2015, 11:26
If 10mm doesn't matter much, you might consider a Wide Field Ektar 135mm f/6.3. They are a bit bigger than the 135mm plasmats (and the Fujinon 125mm), but have a 229mm image circle. I have two and won't part with them! Great for that little extra image circle in this focal length. Just make sure you get one with good glass, the older Ektar coatings sometimes show cleaning marks, etc.



28-Aug-2015, 12:13
For the multicoated "NW" version (labeled "W" on the outside of the lens barrel): 198mm.

This is the version I once owned (55mm front threads), and as a landscape LFer, I never felt constrained by its 198mm IC.

People here commonly call this lens a "jewel" (mainly the 46mm, 52mm, and 55mm versions), a suitable term that mostly refers to its small size, excellent performance, and fantastically fair used price.

Alas, my Schneider 110mm/5.6 "spouse" said the Fuji 125mm/5.6 "mistress" had to go, so I reluctantly said good-bye. To the mistress, that is.

I really miss her, and will always remember our good times.