View Full Version : Nikon 90mm F4.5 VS Rodenstock 90mm F4.5

27-Aug-2015, 09:12
I know the rodenstock is a newer design, but its also larger and heavier then the nikon.
Is it really that much better as the price gap would suggest?

27-Aug-2015, 09:59
IMO Nikon is one of the best 90mm i ever used. Nikons are really undervalued now days and that 4.5 costs fraction of what it was back in the days. Way to many Nikons and Fujis form japan on a used market and not big demand, that's the only reason why. i recently got brand new in a box W 240mm that i paid 180$, makes no sense if you think about it! That 90mm 4.5 is spectacular lens, fast, sharp, nice color rendering and really under rated! on the other hand Nikon 90mm nor Grandagon-N 90 are Super-Angulon XL when we compare performance (coverage). Price vise Grandagon-N 90mm and Super-Angulon XL have more less value value today. If you can justify cost and size XL sound a better deal then Grandagon-n.
bottom line is: i would always buy a Nikon if i had your dilemma