View Full Version : Ilford MGR.1M RC Rapid paper, any info?

Andrea Gazzoni
24-Aug-2015, 06:31
I can't seem to find anything on the web about this particular paper, so do you have any experience with it?
Can this be used like regular rc paper and developed with standard equipment or is it made for automatic processors only?
thank you

Oren Grad
24-Aug-2015, 06:50
As you can see from the label, it was one of the MG III generation papers, which were replaced by MG IV more than 20 years ago now, though MG III Rapid hung around just a bit longer during the transition than MG III Deluxe did. Unlike MG III Deluxe, MG III Rapid was never replaced by a new version - it just went away.

I used a fair amount of it back in the day, though on the whole I preferred MG III Deluxe. The characteristic curves were slightly different; both of them were very different from the curve of MG IV Deluxe.

Yes, it can be used like regular RC paper, with standard tray development, which is how I used it. Given its age, I wouldn't be surprised if it's very fogged and/or low contrast at this point. No cost to try it, of course, beyond a few minutes of your time.