View Full Version : 8x10 Fuji Acros

Diane Maher
11-Feb-2005, 12:12
Does the 8x10 Fuji Acros film also have the hole that is in the negative like the quickloads do?

Sal Santamaura
11-Feb-2005, 12:12
I believe so (Jorge is the only one I know of who has used it, so perhaps he'll confirm). As an aside, the View Camera Store Web site no longer lists Acros in that size, so Dirk's direct-from-Tokyo Web store is the only source left as far as I know.

Jorge Gasteazoro
11-Feb-2005, 12:13
Yes it does, what a stupid thing to do, uh? besides from the rebate the film holder creates, the hole takes away another 2 mm that you have to mask away. It is right smack in the corner of the picture area.

Diane Maher
11-Feb-2005, 12:14
Yes. I developed some 4x5 acros negs last week and printed one of them on Monday evening.