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Kirk Gittings
23-Aug-2015, 17:23
I'm teaching a class this semester-"The B&W Fine Print" at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Back in the day I liked them. I would like to review those videos again and if I still like them make them available to my class. I seem to remember that Calumet remastered them and put them on Youtube awhile back but they seem to have disappeared (like Calumet) except a brief Introduction. Anyone know where they can be seen?

Victor Loverro
23-Aug-2015, 19:55
I have two Fred Picker VHS original Zone VI videos. One is "Photographing with Fred Picker" and the other is "Printing with Fred Picker"
Contact me if you can use these.

Keith Fleming
23-Aug-2015, 21:20

I know you are looking for an on-line site where your students can see the Picker videos. Sorry, but I cannot help you there. However, if all else fails, I can loan you my copy of Calumet's CD containing the 3 re-mastered videos. Of course, I don't know how you would be able to make it viewable by all your students--assuming you want them to see it outside of normal class periods.


Darin Boville
23-Aug-2015, 21:25
Handbrake is the best app to convert videos off CDs...



Victor Loverro
23-Aug-2015, 21:35
Are these still under copyright or can you legally copy them onto dvd's?

Kirk Gittings
23-Aug-2015, 22:53
Thanks all I'm fried from writing Syllabi till the wee hours (which I hate doing and don't closely follow anyway......). I'll get back to you all tomorrow with some specific answers.

Doug Howk
24-Aug-2015, 03:15
On the DVD case it says copyright MMVIII Calumet Photographic Inc. & no unauthorized reproductions
The Company apparently still exists with 3 store locations in Chicago; but online retail handled thru Amazon:-(

Craig Roberts
24-Aug-2015, 08:19
Kirk, I don't have the videos that you're looking for but I do recall spending about 2 hours in Fred's darkroom watching him print when I was at the 1980 workshop. The method he used made sense to me and I have stuck with it ever since.

24-Aug-2015, 08:32

I have the DVD's. If you want to borrow.

24-Aug-2015, 09:27
Just what you want, some legalese after syllabi writing:


"Fair Use" as an educational item may or may not apply. I lot of higher ed folks are getting dinged recently about this, from what I understand. This was a major point in our recent college faculty convocation for the start of the school year.

Putting them up as an unlisted video on YouTube may be the easiest/fastest way to do it, after ripping the DVD's, if you discover it is legal to do so.

Kirk Gittings
24-Aug-2015, 09:33
Thanks all. A very generous person here is loaning me their CDs. I will review them and see if in fact I want to use them. That will give me time to investigate the legalities.

26-Aug-2015, 03:51
Think about posting your class online for future generations on iTunes University or something like that

Kirk Gittings
26-Aug-2015, 07:30
I wish I had the time and energy to make that happen but I just don't. At 65 I'm as busy with various facets of my photography as any time in my life-maybe more.

Kirk Gittings
26-Aug-2015, 07:50
By the way all, the class will visit the studios of Alan Ross, Karen Kuehn, Scheinbaum and Russek (to look at Sebastio Salgados work mainly), Jan Pietrzak, William Clift (in the works) and the collection of the New Mexico Art Museum with curator Kate Ware and maybe more. I'm a firm believer that one learns a lot from looking at great work.

Peter De Smidt
26-Aug-2015, 10:39
Sounds like a great class!

7-Nov-2015, 13:38
... and FTP'd it to my mac...

(FTP). Very interesting... I am 'sincerely' impressed! :D

Your use of File Transfer Protocol (standard network protocol)...
To transfer the File to your Mac -- Was an excellent Solution. Good stuff!!!

*Not very many people around here... Have the 'Know How' or would even think of doing this.

Best regards, -Tim.

Bob Salomon
7-Nov-2015, 14:16
On the DVD case it says copyright MMVIII Calumet Photographic Inc. & no unauthorized reproductions
The Company apparently still exists with 3 store locations in Chicago; but online retail handled thru Amazon:-(

Calumet USA was liquidated a couple of years ago. The successor company bought the name and some remaining stock in the bankruptcy proceedings. That company is C and A who also owns some of Polaroid as well as Ritz/Wolf. C and A is in northern NJ. You might check with them to see if they also got the Trademarks and would be willing to give permission to duplicate for educational purposes.

23-Nov-2015, 14:56
I contacted customer server at Ritz, part of C&A. Right now I'm waiting for the definition of "mass distribution".

Hi Dick,

Thank you for contacting us!

After speaking with a few people, it was determined that you can certainly put the video on a thumb drive, so long as it's not for mass distribution or profit.

Best Regards,

Ritz Camera

23-Nov-2015, 15:12
As someone who deals with copyright issues on a constant basis, especially with regard to music and video, I can tell you that distributing the videos in question to anyone (be that 1 person or 1,000) is illegal and infringing on copyrights, unless you have the express written permission of the copyright owner.

Whether or not it matters to the copyright owner is another issue, as is the ethics of said distribution.

23-Nov-2015, 18:39
Ritz Camera, is the copyright owner. The reply I got from them is "you can screen it in a class or give it to students". Their concern is quantity and profit. I guess I didn't make that clear.

Andrew O'Neill
23-Nov-2015, 19:20
So Ritz Camera will sell me a video then?

23-Nov-2015, 19:44
Good question, I just emailed your question.

24-Nov-2015, 07:54
Hi Dick,

We unfortunately don't carry these DVDs anymore. They've been discontinued. You can probably find them used online though on sites like ebay or Amazon however.

Best Regards,

Ritz Camera