View Full Version : Rodenstock 300mm APO Sironar, 300mm APO Sironar W question

23-Aug-2015, 16:15
Assuming I can locate one of these lenses, what would you estimate the going rate for one in nice condition? I've done some research and can't find any recent transactions.


Bob Salomon
23-Aug-2015, 16:22
Did you also check for the Apo Sironar W? They are the same lens except the older one has no stripe on the barrel and the W does.

23-Aug-2015, 17:04
Yes I know both are them same lenses, thats why I listed both in the title. I don't have a preference - any idea on price?

23-Aug-2015, 20:27
Check the sold listings on Ebay!

23-Aug-2015, 20:57
I have been checking eBay for quite a while now. Closest listed is are (2) 210mm Sironar W's over the last few months.

Joerg Krusche
25-Aug-2015, 13:15

The 300W or Sinaron WS (identical) are exceptional lenses and are really rare.. I would estimate 2500 USD and above

karl french
25-Aug-2015, 13:37
I have one I'd like to sell. Very clean with the original box. Let's talk.

25-Aug-2015, 15:17