View Full Version : Scottish Mammoth Camera Workshop, May 2005

Colin Myers
11-Feb-2005, 10:55
The first European Mammoth Camera Workshop which is scheduled for May 23rd to May 27th 2005, will be based at Gartmore House, in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park., Scotland. Cameras from a number of different manufacturers will be available for participants to try and use, in a variety of sizes and formats up to 20" x 24". The course will be led by Tillman Crane, ably assisted by Tracy Storer and Andre Goulancourt. There are still a couple of spare places, so get booked up straight away. For further information contact Andre Goulancourt at info@inversnaidphoto.com and Tillman Crane at tillman@tillmancrane.com or go to www.mammothcamera.com for Tracy Storer

Darin Cozine
11-Feb-2005, 19:52
does that overlap with the view camera conference?

Colin Myers
12-Feb-2005, 01:57
Hi Darin, A very good point. No, they do not overlap.
I understand the View Camera Conference runs from May 20th to May 22nd. Photographers attending the View Camera Conference would be strategically placed, both geographically and timewise to travel to Scotland for the following day. The nearest International Airport to Gartmore is Glasgow, and the Mammoth Camera Workshop will commence in the afternoon of May 23rd. Collection from Glasgow Airport is possible by arrangement with Andre at Inversnaid.