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Oren Grad
20-Aug-2015, 20:39
For those within range of Ottawa: the National Gallery has a Frederick Evans show up until Sept 13:


I saw it today - it was a nice mix of his cathedral series (including the famous Wells Cathedral steps), some landscapes, self portraits and a few other things, mostly platinum prints but also some gravures and some glass small glass-plate positives mounted for back-illuminated viewing. Everything was lit well enough to get a good look.

21-Aug-2015, 06:10
I had no idea. I will see if I can organize a day trip with my wife, we've gone a couple of times for various exhibits.

Hans Berkhout
21-Aug-2015, 20:34
Within walking distance is the Hotel Chateau Laurier. It has an ongoing display of some works by Yousuf Karsh, he used to live there.