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20-Aug-2015, 13:58
Hi Folks,

I'm a little bit lost after relocating to Canada.
Where does one mail order raw chemicals for Pyrocat in Canada?
I used to order from a shop in Montreal when I lived up here years ago, but they are closed.
Catechin is hazardous and cannot be shipped from the US...

20-Aug-2015, 15:22
If you can't ship it maybe you can have someone drive it across the border? Label clearly Photo Chemistry - or repackage in cake mix boxes?

Michael R
20-Aug-2015, 16:26
Artcraft will ship to Canada. I've ordered catechol and lots of other stuff from them. Alternatively, Nymoc in Toronto has been recommended to me a few times. I've never ordered from them so I have no idea which compounds they stock, but it might be worth a try. I don't remember them having an online catalogue so you might have to call.

20-Aug-2015, 17:30
Hi muskedear.

I am not impartial in this post, but you can take a look to my website page http://www.argentix.ca/rawchems.php?=SID&mqry=sp0002 for raw chemicals.
Others products available

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Ray Van Nes
20-Aug-2015, 18:03
Why not just order the mixed up solution from Photographer's Formulary?

21-Aug-2015, 08:44
Hi Folks,

Thanks for your suggestions.

Meanwhile, I found out that B&H in NY offer free shipping for orders > $99 and they do ship Pyrocat HD powder kits to Canada; but they do not ship the glycol-based liquid across the border.

Action plan is to order powder from B&H and find glycol in Canada (looks like there is a supplier here...).

21-Aug-2015, 08:52
Seeing Artcraft ships to Canada - go with them. Rock solid and reliable.

Henry Yorke
26-Aug-2015, 21:09
Send a note to John and Murray at Nymoc in Toronto - I've used them to order chemicals here in Canada and they've been great to deal with. I know they stock the stuff for Pyrocat HD: nymoc@bellnet.ca

Andrew O'Neill
26-Aug-2015, 21:19
I have used Nymoc in Toronto for years for catechol to make pyrocat. Support Canadian companies!

Michael Wesik
27-Aug-2015, 06:44
I use Nymoc as well. They've been fantastic.