View Full Version : Cleaning JOBO Expert Drums

16-Aug-2015, 07:27

My three Expert Drums has been out of use for some time and I thought it would be a good idea to clean them before using them again (I had some problems with stains the last time I used them with Diafine). Could I use a drop or two of ordinary kitchen detergent with the JOBO cleaning sponge or is there a better way!


16-Aug-2015, 07:31
I put a piece of dry paper towel over the sponge to dry the tubes after each use.
a wet piece of paper towel would work well too.

16-Aug-2015, 11:10
I don't think you should use soap, the bubbles and residue will get into the tiny, unseen parts of the tank.
For the same reason, you shouldn't use Photo-Flo, or other wetting agent, in an Expert tank.
Vinny's right, water and a paper towel.

16-Aug-2015, 11:52
I just finished developing an 8x10 negative that I shot Friday in a 2830 drum. I always run 2 tanks (1 liter each) of hot water through the Jobo and into the drum when finished and then set the drum and lid up to air dry. This time, taking Vinny's paper towel suggestion, I wiped the inside of the drum with a paper towel and a black residue came off the drum. I'm going to add the paper towel wipe to the procedure. Negative came out great.


16-Aug-2015, 22:35
Thanks for all good advice! I'll start using paper towels with the sponge.