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15-Aug-2015, 16:54
I have some 12x20 film that I will be cutting down to 8x10. I am going to use one of my 8x10 Ilford or Kodak 8x10 negatives as a template for cutting. This will leave me with some strips of film about 4x10".
What are the precise minimum and maximum acceptable dimensions for 4x10 film? This will help me decide the value and feasability of my remainder. If it's too small, maybe it's worth cutting down smaller to share it... or just sell/trade it as is.

15-Aug-2015, 20:19
I cut 8x10 film in half for my 4x10 holders. As long as you are reasonable accurate, the film will fit.

Tin Can
15-Aug-2015, 21:25
Cut paper and try the sizes.

I find there is plenty of slop to play with on any film cut job.

If you are too sloppy the film will fall out one one side or be too tight.

16-Aug-2015, 00:59
There should be a slight side to side movement of the film under the holder guides so the film will slide in without binding (had the film been cut to the max size)...

Take a neg (developed? OK) and "load" it into a holder... Does it fit well/easy to slide in??? Take that size as your standard and measure it...

Then take a roller (table) cutter, and tape down some mounting board strips (Measure and set your size neg from the cutter edge to the strip stop, and the strip is as long as the entire edge of film...) Strips are better than just tape as you can feel the stop edge better, it is easier to register the sheet in the dark, and tends to stabilize the sheet as it is being cut... (And much easier if you have to cut a narrow strip off an edge...) Keep the cutter sharp...

Use the black mounting board for strips, as it tends to cut less "hairy" than others... (Burnish before using) And use an equally as high cutter deck landing area past the blade, so the film remains flat during the cutting...

Cut only one sheet at a time, and you can tape a clean sheet of flat, limp coated paper stock on the cutter deck and landing area to prevent scuffing... Cut with the base side down...

And keep the cutter/area clean, clean, clean from dust, etc...

Steve K

16-Aug-2015, 05:29
I was trying to find if that remainder would be sufficient for someone else shooting that format (and for minimal waste on my end) or if the remainder would need to be cut down to a smaller format to be usable. If someone could provide dimensions on commercially purchased or known good negatives in the 4x10 fomat, I would appreciate it.
I should have clarified in my original post that i do not have 4x10 holders. I'm just cutting this to get 8x10 and hopefully not waste the rest.

16-Aug-2015, 06:21
4x10 film is 1/2 the size of 8x10. If you not you have a sheet of 8x10 to measure, those dimensions are readily available.

16-Aug-2015, 06:47
Then you should probably get the exact dimensions from a film or holder maker, as I'm not sure if the 4X10 has an ANSI standard (and maybe is a little different from different holder makers)...

Steve K

Fritz Goeckner
4-Jun-2018, 01:38
KB Canham?