View Full Version : 7x17 film dimension

Wenbiao Liang
10-Feb-2005, 10:04
What is the actual size of 7x17 film? such as Length * width?


10-Feb-2005, 10:14
The size varies slightly in size depending on brand, and/or who is cutting it to size. Generally is is cut to about 6 14/16" to 6 15/16" wide, and the long dimension is usually either 17" or 16 15/16".

Film holders of this size are usually built to a fixed opening of 7 X 17" so the film obviously needs to be cut slightly smaller to fit the holder.

Chad Jarvis
10-Feb-2005, 10:24
As long as it's 6-14/16" and not 6-7/8"...

Wenbiao Liang
10-Feb-2005, 10:34
Thanks a lot Sandy!