View Full Version : 5x12 Lotus conversion for Arca Swiss camera

Marko Trebusak
14-Aug-2015, 12:44
For a long time I've been fascinated by panorama format. I was looking for a 6x17, but it was always too expensive. Then I saw Kerry's (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?23134-4x10-Lotus-ARCA-SWISS-Hybrid) 4x10 conversion, and it was a catalisator for my idea. When I came into a possession of what I think is a lifetime supply of aero reckon film, I decided to give my idea a go. Guenter from Lotus View Camera was kind enough to make this camera happen. I keep the Sinar/Arca Swiss hybrid front standard. Here it is with 300 mm lens focused at 20 m. Guenter did a perfect job on both camera and four film holders. This year I didn't have time to really work with this camera, but I started a project with colour infrared film. First tests were promising, except for a Jobo 3005, which turned out that it is too short for the film. I have a batch of ten films waiting for development, and I'll give Oren's idea of twisting the film a go.