View Full Version : Facts on Discontinuation of Ilfochrome?

Andre Noble
10-Feb-2005, 07:05
A recent post and one follow-up suggests that Ilfochrome has been discontinued. I can not find this announcement on the Ilford web site.

What are the known facts? Is it just some Ilfochrome paper types? All Ilfochrome paper? Chems?

Ted Harris
10-Feb-2005, 07:15
It is not a question of the discontinuance of Ilford's products it is a question of the future of the company. My discussions with seniro folks in the Photo Marketing Association indicate that the company is all but dead and there there is little hope of it revival. All we know oficially is that it is receviership. The same PMA sources say that there is absolutely noproductionof product going on in the UK and that the phones there go unanswered. Allthis is second hand so I can't speal for its accuracy.

Ralph Barker
10-Feb-2005, 07:25
Ted - I think your PMA sources may be speaking based on old info. Production was halted for a while, but resumed some time ago. Calumet, for example, has Ilford sheet films in stock again, whereas they were out of stock on many types/sizes previously. Chemicals, however, still seem to be an issue.

As to Ilfochrome's status, I have no additional information. I suspect, however, that the short interruption of production, and the subsequent change in ordering procedures prompted some local dealers to concoct stories that fit their own marketing plans.

Andrew O'Neill
10-Feb-2005, 07:35
Ted, that's very old news. Ilford is alive and well.

10-Feb-2005, 07:45
I spoke to Ilford people and they are still laying emulsion.

Emmanuel BIGLER
10-Feb-2005, 07:55
I just checked http://www.ilford.ch (http://www.ilford.ch) the Swiss division where Ilfochrome is supposed to be made.
The product is described as usual http://www.ilford.ch/marly/de/prod/color.asp (http://www.ilford.ch/marly/de/prod/color.asp) with a renewed copyright page as of 2005.

10-Feb-2005, 08:05
there's a pretty large lab in our state that does cibas--they do murals as well--and we use them where I work. good luck getting anything from them though--they haven't been able to get chemistry from ilford in over 6 weeks and they're pretty much shut down as far as cibas go.

ilford is totally out to lunch when it comes to commercial labs....im my experience dealing with them as far as their processors goes, you can;t really believe anything they tell you. you have to wait and see, otherwise you'll get a different answer from everyone you speak with and the majority of the time it sounds like b.s. to get you off the phone.

Mark Dolce
10-Feb-2005, 08:05
Are Ilfochrome prints being made in the U.S.? And if so, where and how does one contact the producer?