View Full Version : Wray 36" f:6.3

Miguel Coquis
13-Aug-2015, 12:35
A heavy lens (Around 5kg.)!
I am interested in this long focal lens and would like to ask if anybody can post some information, image cercle and/or pics taken with.
Thanks in advance for your help.

13-Aug-2015, 14:09
I have a 36" f/6.3 Air Ministry lens, though there is no maker's mark. It's a lot heavier than 5kg.

I wrote a little about it here (http://carboncameras.com/C1117_9_single_portfolio.html).

Dan Fromm
13-Aug-2015, 14:22
Aerial camera lens, should cover 8x10.

Miguel Coquis
14-Aug-2015, 06:56
Thanks a lot for the info, jb7 and Dan.
Nice pic jb7
Warm regards,