View Full Version : Has anyone shot the Lake Mead ghost town yet?

John Kasaian
10-Aug-2015, 09:07
This looks interesting if you're into old ruins---


Richard Wasserman
10-Aug-2015, 09:38
I'm sorry I can't get there, but I urge everyone who can to go. These are very interesting sites. I photographed Lake Buchanan in Texas which is having similar problems due to the on-going drought. I spent a day with a local historian whose family has lived there for several generations, and was a wellspring of information.

10-Aug-2015, 09:42
Though the circumstances are not good for those living in the west, it would seem to be an interesting opportunity. I wonder if there are other sites within the Lake Mead site that might be revealed should the levels continue to drop?

Sirius Glass
10-Aug-2015, 14:54
I will consider it and other similar opportunities for candidate photo expositions.

Mark Sampson
10-Aug-2015, 16:03
"a wellspring of information"... well played, Mr. Wasserman!

Richard Wasserman
10-Aug-2015, 17:28
"a wellspring of information"... well played, Mr. Wasserman!

Thank you much Mr. Sampson!