View Full Version : old & new 5x7 film holders

9-Feb-2005, 08:57
Hello all, can anyone tell me if the external dimensions of older 5x7 film holders, such as last generation Lisco wooden/metal holders are the same as more modern ones made by Alkon or Fidelity.



Ted Harris
9-Feb-2005, 09:08
Quick answer is "yes." Not a scientific response, I didn't measure. I did go to the drawer where I keept the unloaded holders and found one late model woodne holder, held it up against a brand new one and they matched perfectly to the eye and fingers.

MIke Sherck
9-Feb-2005, 09:49
I have both old wooden 5x7 holders and newer plastic ones: they are interchangable in my camera so my presumption is that they're functionally identical.

9-Feb-2005, 10:39
Thank you both for your speedy replies!


9-Feb-2005, 13:41
Hi, I measured the thickness of my Lisco wooden and plastic 5x7 holders and the thickness of the plastic is 12mm and wooden is just a tad over 14mm. I certainly don't notice the difference, I just had a pair of calipers really handy.