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7-Aug-2015, 03:12

Since our must-visit list from Tokyo (http://onwardphoto.org/11-spots-you-need-to-visit-as-a-photographer-in-tokyo/?utm_campaign=tokyo-11&utm_medium=forum&utm_source=LF-travellocation) was well received, we just came up with another list. This time, we traveled to Berlin!

11 Spots You Need to Visit as a Photographer in Berlin (http://onwardphoto.org/berlin-11-spots?utm_campaign=berlin-11&utm_medium=forum&utm_source=LF-travellocation)

After talking to people there and researching the city, it was quite amazing that there is a strong culture of analogue photography in Berlin. We try to cover these fragments of vibrant photography culture in Berlin. Take a look and let me know what you think!


Steven Tribe
8-Aug-2015, 03:51
I can't see any real purpose or logic behind this quite random selection of places in Berlin.

Please reconsider any future plans you may have for further "contributions"!

8-Aug-2015, 04:19

We just pick places that are "traces" of photographic culture in each city. How can we make it less random?

Let me know!

Andrew Plume
8-Aug-2015, 04:25
..............c'mon Steven don't be too hard on the bloke, it's a valid 'contribution' imo and I enjoyed reading/through it - yes' it's wholly based towards photographic places but there are way way many travel guide books around that deal with other interests in Berlin - new blood always needed on here....................


thanks for posting Tsuyoshi, good stuff


Steven Tribe
8-Aug-2015, 06:29
I looked through the list of 11 once more. And through the links contained in the list. Don't really think it is appropriate to the travel section of LF.

Obviously didn't make it out to Potsdam.

Jim Andrada
9-Aug-2015, 19:28
I have to admit that I don't get it either - I don't see why these places would be "must see" for a Large Format photographer. It looks more like an advertisement than a must see list.

John Kasaian
15-Aug-2015, 09:09
Cool!:cool: Thanks for sharing, Tsuyoshi.

16-Aug-2015, 08:39
I am from Berlin, and I never visited one of these spots.
Or gave photographing friends tips like these...

""Fotoimpex is one of the largest producers and distributors of all things analogue. ""

Sorry, but this 12-people (halfaday)-company isn't as large as described, and they produce really nothing.
They pack some film ( not of their own production),and they sell stuff, that's nice. Nothing more.