View Full Version : Print Exchange Reminder

Andrew O'Neill
8-Feb-2005, 21:39
Hi to everyone in the print exchange. I've received from 8 participants so far. Six more to go. Lets go guys! Come on, Deniz! Donald, I received your prints a while back. Everytime I email you it bounces back. They arrived safe and sound.

David A. Goldfarb
8-Feb-2005, 22:09
Sorry I'm running a bit late with this one. I haven't forgotten.

John Berry ( Roadkill )
9-Feb-2005, 16:11
Let me know when there is an opening in the print exchange. I can send a print to see if I can make the grade.

Andrew O'Neill
9-Feb-2005, 22:13
Hi John,

You can join the next exchange as this one is in its final phases.