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Tommi Kähärä
8-Feb-2005, 06:30
Again I have run out of resources here in Finland, so I would like to ask everyone: I am trying to find an adaptor ring for reverse mounting an enlarger lens, namely EL-Nikkor 50/2,8. Such an adaptor is listed in Nikon catalog (JNW00101, at least here), but it is no longer available. If anyone knows where to still get one, please tell me. This ring has M39x1 thread on one side and the other has a thread fitting to the filter thread of the El Nikkor. So any other equal adapter would be fine, I just don't know what the filter thread is. I want to take pictures up to 10x enlargment and that's why it is necessary to reverse mount the lens. I have already done some test shots by taping the lens to a shutter but I wouldn't like to do any serious work with that.

Thanks, Tommi

Bob Salomon
8-Feb-2005, 06:59
Rodeanstock makes one with a 40.5mm male thread to a male Leica thread. Any Rodenstock distributor can get it for you.