View Full Version : carbon transfer tissue question?

3-Aug-2015, 09:05
I have looked at some suppliers websites and they sell green carbon transfer tissue. What is this? is it the paper you make your print on?

Peter De Smidt
3-Aug-2015, 09:21
It's the pigmented gelatin layer that you sensitize. See: http://www.alternativephotography.com/wp/processes/carbon-carbro/the-carbon-transfer-process

Jim Fitzgerald
3-Aug-2015, 09:28
Carbon tissue is the gelatin coating that is poured onto a temporary support. It is then sensitized as Peter stated. If you pour your own tissue you can blend pigments in any combination you wish. In monochrome work it is generally a black of some tone. Warm or cold tone black. You can then add additional pigments to give a tissue a greenish tint. You could make tissue in just about any color you wish.