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31-Jul-2015, 06:37
I have been shooting 4x5 for a few years. I have always used traditional paper when I enlarge my negatives. I have seen an "alternative process" that looks like you brush on a light sensitive solution on paper and the expose it to the light. It reveals the image but you have what appears to the brushed edges that are black. I have never tried this process or really read anything about it but I like it and would like to try it.
First what is it called and is there a thread already here that I can read through?

Erik Larsen
31-Jul-2015, 06:58
Liquid light, b&h or freestyle had it I believe

Tim Meisburger
31-Jul-2015, 07:22
There are a lot of different processes that require you to coat your own paper, and any of those can be applied with a brush. If you just want to give it a try, I think the easiest alternative process (except pre-mixed like liquid light) is cyanotype. I did it easily from instructions on the internet, and using watercolour paper I bought at the local office supply store. Some people don't like the blue colour and tone it with tea or coffee, but I think it is super sweet with night shots!

Doug Howk
31-Jul-2015, 09:58
Since you are working with 4X5 negs, presume you want to enlarge. Liquid Light is excellent for that purpose. Other processes are restricted in size to that of the negative.

Paul Ewins
31-Jul-2015, 19:40
There is also Maco Black Magic. I haven't used it so can't comment on ease of use etc.

1-Aug-2015, 05:24

This is an excellent resource. The link is just for information. You can get the book for a LOT cheaper.

Also, Christopher James' book, The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes, is excellent and covers just about every printing process you've ever heard of.

1-Aug-2015, 06:54
That book does look like a great resource...but it is not cheap!

Doug Howk
1-Aug-2015, 07:13
"Silver Gelatin" is a 20 yr old book whose information has held up very well - a classic. Reminds me that I need to re-read it.

2-Aug-2015, 04:38
Here is an online resource with several DIY/ALT recipes http://www.thelightfarm.com