View Full Version : Nikkor T 800/1200 lenses cover 11x14

John Z.
7-Feb-2005, 18:33
I was testing a Gundlach 36 inch lens I just refurbished, and decided to compare it to my Nikkor T 800mm f12, which is convertible to 1200mm also. I was using my new larger 11x14 camera, which replaced an 8x10. I did not expect the Nikkor to cover, since the published coverage is only 305mm. To my great surprise it covered easily, even wide open.

What a great find this is, because not only is it a great long combination, but the telephoto design means the bellows extension is much less. The camera is much more stable, and the bellows not maxed out, or beyond the limit of extension. The 1200mm is lke having a 48 inch lens, which would have been impossible otherwise! Yet the required extension is only about 31 inches. Any one else tried these lenses on larger formats?

Roger Hein
7-Feb-2005, 19:04
It would be interesting to see if this is a 'one of' or if multiple samples of this lens do in fact cover 11x14 with movements. A great find if it does.

Michael Mutmansky
7-Feb-2005, 20:04
A few years ago, Nathan Congdon reported that he was able to get the 1200T to just cover his 12x20 with only a little clipping at the corners, if I recall correctly.

If that is the case, then it should have no problem with an 11x14, since that has the IC of about 450mm. I don't recall if he mentioned anything about the 800 covering, but I'm sure it won't come anywhere near covering a 12x20.

As is the case with ULF, there are lenses that are a natural fit for these large formats, and there are lenses that will work with some coaxing. It sounds like the T series is one of those that will work with a bit of coaxing. I'm sure that some care will be required to get good sharpness in the corners. It's my understanding that the T lenses don't necessarily improve in corner performance with a decrease in aperture size, so it may be a bit of a balancing act to get solid performance in the corners.


Louis Jensen
8-Feb-2005, 12:21
I have an older version of the Nikkor T*ED 500/360 lens. The shutter on the lens only has scales for the 360mm and 500mm extensions. With the 500mm rear lens attached, it will cover an 8x10 negative. There is no room for movements. It will not cover an 8x10 with the 360mm rear lens.