View Full Version : Universal Rochester, Century No. 9 cameras and hyperion diffusion portrait lens?

29-Jul-2015, 09:36
Looking for info about these. How much cleaning should I do or should I leave to the next owner. Thanks

29-Jul-2015, 10:07
blow the dust off

and send that rinky ol lens at the end there straight to me

29-Jul-2015, 10:17
And check your Private Messages, which are no doubt filling up as we speak.

29-Jul-2015, 10:49
Put the lenses on eBay with a $1 starting bid, making sure you get the full text written on the lens into your item description, and give dimensions (barrel diameter & length, lens diameters at each end). You will be surprised at the result (especially the Hyperion). Please do not sell the lenses on the wooden boards, take the time to unscrew the flanges and sell those with the lenses, but leave the boards on the cameras.

The ROC Universal is a fine camera, it deserves a good home with a landscape photographer, but it's not worth a lot of money, especially if it needs new bellows. The other camera may or may not be interesting depending on the format (measure the ground glass at the rear).