View Full Version : Choosing contact printing paper size

27-Jul-2015, 11:47
Im about to start a project involving 8x10 negatives that I want to contact print. Im curious of the size I should use for this as 8x10 is exactly the size but if I want to frame maybe I would be better to go 11x14. I would want to have the choice of including the border of the negative.

Thanks in advance for any input in this matter and I hope to not have asked something that could have been answered before but I searched and found no information on this matter.

Bruce Barlow
27-Jul-2015, 11:55
"I would want the choice..."

I think you answered your own question, and I agree that were I you, I'd go 11x14.

Oren Grad
27-Jul-2015, 12:04
I contact print my 8x10 negatives on 11x14 paper, to allow a margin for safe handling and to allow corner mounting while still being able to show the entire negative plus border.

27-Jul-2015, 16:19
9.5" x 12" might be a little more economical-