View Full Version : 13x15 Storage options

Paul Metcalf
27-Jul-2015, 10:07
Well, like everything else, the way I used to do stuff I guess has to change. I was convinced by a number of professional photographers that a 13x15" mattboard was a good size for 8x10" and smaller contact prints (for general portfolio things), so that's what I standardized on several years ago. Seemed reasonable, looked great and storage products fairly readily available. Well, my supplies have dwindled and now I can't find a 13x15" archival storage box anywhere, except for one place and they charge 3x for that size compared to other sizes (including larger sizes). It's hard for me to comprehend spending +45$ for a 13x15 cardboard box with nothing fancy added. All my other sources have dried up (everything's gone to the popular digital paper print size of 13x19"). I guess I need to change my mount size.