View Full Version : Darkrooms for rent in UT?

Curtis Nelson
7-Feb-2005, 08:21
Does anyone know of any businesses/schools/etc in Utah that rent darkrooms with 4x5 (or better) enlargers? Something in the SLC/Provo area would be ideal, but I do spend quite a bit of time up in Box Elder county.


Curt Jensen
7-Feb-2005, 21:34
Curtis, I live in Bountiful and I don't of any large format darkroom equipment to rent. You might contact the Salt Lake Print Society or visit Pictureline and look at their bulletin board.

Dan Neilson
9-Feb-2005, 16:32
Taking classes at the Salt Lake Arts Center will get you into their darkroom. Probably wouldn't cost much more that renting time if anything else were available, which I don't know that there is.

I,m currently taking a class there, mostly trying to decide rather I'm interested enough in B&W to make it worth setting up my own darkroom. I bought most of a darkroom several years ago, just never have set it up. Right now I'm leaning toward doing it, just don't know when.