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Dave Wooten
23-Jul-2015, 17:29
Any review on the new production of this camera vs vintage?

23-Jul-2015, 17:36
I suggest searching the buyer/seller advisory forum using the terms "new deardorff".

Dave Wooten
23-Jul-2015, 17:57
Ok thanks

Daniel Stone
24-Jul-2015, 16:54
Considering the most recent "feedback"(none of which, save one, has been favorable) on the "New Deardorff", I'd recommend staying away from them, unless you have a completed camera in front of you, without any issues.

Chamonix delivers well, not the same in terms of design, but a company that actually delivers what they market(to everyone that pays, so I'm aware of ;))


Dave Wooten
24-Jul-2015, 17:46
Thanks, I have Chamonix products. They are first rate. I have also nice vintage Dorf products. Wanted to see a hands on review of a new model if one existed.
All admonishions duly noted.
Thanks again

24-Jul-2015, 18:05
Last i heard they actually had an 11X14 camera ready on the shelve. They are nice cameras, when they get delivered (and work as promissed), however, as Daniel noted above , i have not yet heard of people wondering if they will ever get a camera, or if it will work when they finally do, when ordering a Shen hao or Chamonix (which are FINE cameras). There is a KBC 11X14 for sale @BH used... BTW.

Bruce Barlow
25-Jul-2015, 04:29
I'd get a Ritter, but I'm biased. My 8x10 and 5x7 are wonderful, and Richard is reliable.

25-Jul-2015, 09:05
and Richard is reliable.
When he answers the phone/email some weeks later... :)

Bruce Barlow
25-Jul-2015, 09:32
Not my experience, but phone is better than email, and Richard is generous with his time on the phone.

He is extraordinarily reliable as a vendor/servicer. Fair and completely honest.

25-Jul-2015, 12:59
It's very hard to compare a 25 year old camera that's about when the last 11 x 14 camera was made to the new camera.

One the new camera has different material for some of the parts so they behave and feel different .

The 25 year old camera will be on the worm side from use, where the new camera will be nice and tight
Finish of the cameras will be different.

My question do you want to drag around a 30 pound camera and the proper tripod to support the camera?

Camera, proper tripod with head, lens, 3 film holders and focusing cloth about 65 to 70 pounds.

Dave Wooten
25-Jul-2015, 13:35
Thanks all, I was interested in new vs vintage review. A publication interest, academic. I do not carry around ulf cameras. When needed i use 4 wheel drive jeep or 4 wheel drive diesel Ford Excursion, at times towing a Can Am Commander XT 1000 cc off road vehicle. I do not hike nor " pack" . So for the most part, my camera set up is a few feet from the vehicle. It is a very leisurely pace and experience and often embellished with a vintage vino of choice. This fall the Wisner 14 x 17 (34 lbs) will be put to use in the mysterious Mojave. I am planning to use it also for 11 x 14 negs. 14 x 17 holders used for each format, no need for a reduction back.
A second fun project in the works entails the Richard Ritter 20 x 24 back. Thanks Richard the back is beautiful. More on that later. I will share on the forum sometime late fall or early winter. (The summer here is too brutal for me).

Michael Kadillak
25-Jul-2015, 17:42
My suggestion is to do your homework, have your money in cash and keep your options open. It took me some time but I came across a 1940 V11 Marine Deardorff that I found on Craig's list here in Denver that was a close to unused as you could imagine. I came from a Lowery Air Force Base garage sale. The new owner had been reluctant to ship it to NY to one of the big name buyers because the case and the camera were over 90#. It does not have a front swing per se, but the back does if needed. It was a 5 minute hand him the cash deal and off before he changes his mind. I actually like it better than the newer cameras because the bellows are a heavy neoprene IR proof design and they literally do not sag at any focal length. I heard folks trash Deardorff for years and until I had the opportunity to work with one first hand after owning a Wisner Tech Field 11x14 for a while, I came to appreciate the beefier rail design. Great camera.

Dave Wooten
25-Jul-2015, 17:54
Thanks again all. My interest was academic. I have seen photos of new ones. Michael has mentioned one feature of "original" D D models, the bellows etc. I agree on the rail design comments. I have used vintage D dorffs. I like them. I have 4x5/5x7, a one owner 80's edition.