View Full Version : Portrait Soft Focus Recomendations?

michael Allen
6-Feb-2005, 18:34
I'm putting together a 11x14 kit and have recently aquired a Nikon 450 for a first lens. Can any one recomend a portrait soft focus lens in 11x14?

Joe Smigiel
6-Feb-2005, 19:45

I just used my 18" F/4 Wollensak Verito Diffused Focus lens for the first time last Friday on my 11x14 and I just love the effect. Surprisingly, I found the working distance a bit too tight so I would recommend getting the auxilary 22 1/4" front element if you can find one. (I thought I saw the combo for sale at www.sethzone.com, but I'm getting a web error now when I try to access that site. He had a set for sale a few weeks ago. Plus, he has some old lens catalogues online. It's an informative site. I hope it is still around.) I also heard last week that Louis at Photogizzmo in NYC may have an 18" verito in stock.

This lens is a monster though and requires a minimum 6" square lensboard and sturdy front standard. It may not fit on your camera. What type do you have?

I've posted a portrait taken with a shorter 8 3/4" Verito on a 5x7 camera over on the View Camera magazine forum under the lenses topic if you care to see the diffused effect this lens provides. Perhaps this link will get you there if you are interested:

http://www.viewcamera.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=68 (http://www.viewcamera.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=68)

K. Nicolaisen
7-Feb-2005, 10:00

A 420 mm Imagon, if you can find one; and preferebly a Sinar behind the lens shutter.

For 8x10 I much prefer a 360 mm Imagon rather than a 360 mm Universal Heliar,

both used on 8x10 Green Sinar with Sinar shutter.

Armin Seeholzer
7-Feb-2005, 12:24

Best would be a 480 mm Imagon the longest wich was ever made. There was just 3-4 months ago one on german ebay.