View Full Version : Show opening in Los Angeles this week

chris jordan
5-Feb-2005, 17:58
Hey there friends, just wanted to invite any of you who live in the LA area to stop by the Paul Kopeikin Gallery on Saturday if you have time. Nine of my big prints will be exhibited there all month; the opening is Sat evening. Hope to meet one or two of you in person finally.




Kirk Gittings
5-Feb-2005, 18:11
I have to be in Sacramento later this month. Is it reasonable to do a day trip to LA to see a show?

Ralph Barker
5-Feb-2005, 18:24
Kirk - that depends on how long you want to make the day. Sacramento is a good distance from LA - perhaps 5-6 hours each way, depending on traffic.

Andre Noble
5-Feb-2005, 20:01

David F. Stein
5-Feb-2005, 20:15
Congratulations. Like Bob Zeichner and others you have stuck with it and are getting recognized,

Ellen Stoune Duralia
5-Feb-2005, 20:27
Chris, your statement and your work speak volumes! Congratulations on your show and thanks for reminding all of us about a little thing called balance.

adrian tyler
6-Feb-2005, 05:21
hope it goes well for you chris! maybe see you in madrid one day?


6-Feb-2005, 06:50
>>>hope it goes well for you chris! maybe see you in madrid one day?

you missed him Adrian! He was there last year!

Michael Chmilar
7-Feb-2005, 12:59
Is it Saturday, Feb. 5 (the date of your posting) or Feb. 12?

Edwin B.
14-Feb-2005, 15:53
Having attended Chris Jordan's opening on Saturday night I thought I'd throw down my $0.02 in the shortest review possible because I was left nearly speechless. I can honestly say that had his work been of slightly lesser quality I might have left the gallery slightly jealous but his work is so well done I came away entirely inspired. I hope that makes sense because I'm not going to elaborate. But honestly, if anyone wants to see what is possible in a print when the entire photographic process is well thought out and executed flawlessly then try to catch one of Chris' showings. I can't say he set the bar but there is no question he has risen to it.