View Full Version : Looking for older thread on how to cut xray film to 4x5

19-Jul-2015, 11:57
I have done several searches but cannot find a thread on the method to cut 8x10 xray film to 4x5.
I am almost sure I read one hear???

19-Jul-2015, 12:05

19-Jul-2015, 12:36
I'm sure a roller cutter or even a guillotine is the best option, but quite frankly, I just mark 4x5 frames on a sheet and use a pair of scissors. ..

Liquid Artist
19-Jul-2015, 17:58
If you use a guillotine cutter there's a good chance that you'll have to get it sharpened.
I think that it cost me around $30.00 for mine, and was one of the smartest things I could have done.

20-Jul-2015, 04:38
I use a cutting board with a rolling blade that I put some thick tape on for two dimensions.

Lengthwise the cut needs to be particularly exact, otherwise one sheet will overlap the stop under the bottom flap.


20-Jul-2015, 06:10
Thanks for the link. There were some others also. I have tried searching, "cutting xray film" , using xray flim, cutting 8x10 xray film and a few others but no real good results. There was a thread where the discussion was how to cut the film and what "cutter" to use. There were also some threads on how to shot xray film..

Liquid Artist
20-Jul-2015, 11:16
This may help.