View Full Version : Kodak Master view 8x10 (Metalfield) rear focus issue

17-Jul-2015, 08:35
I have a question for you 8x10 Master Metalfield owners: how is the stability of your rear standard?
am rebuilding one camera now and its really going well and i am super happy how rigid this thing is. however i have some free play in the rear focus. to my eyes ell parts look clean and up to spec and i could t find a single reason. i just cant believe that that this is constructional issue. only thing that i am missing is a focusing knob on left side and if that is locking knob then i have my answer. if on the other had that is just racking pinion knob then i dont have a clue. any advice? thanks

Mark Sawyer
17-Jul-2015, 13:10
Mine was handy, so I just checked it. The rear is pretty solid regardless of whether the focus knob is locked tight or loose for focusing. There is a slight amount of movement at the rear if I put my hand on it and make it wobble. It's just from there being a slight extra space where the tab below the back standard fits into the slotted bed (where the back goes forward and back for focusing), and wouldn't affect shooting. If you look closely, you can see it move when you wobble it, but short of shooting in a 60mph wind, it's fine.

Great cameras, btw! :)

17-Jul-2015, 16:46
Thanks Mark! its still a mystery to me. all parts are individually tight but still there is a warble. i had similar issues on several 2D bit its due to dry wood and hole screws... guides look good as well... who knows maybe metal is worn out and over the years thinned a bit? first thing tomorrow i will make a jig to try to adjust this if nothing i will just machine new guides. i rather not waist 3 hours of machining if i dont have to.

it is awesome camera, i love it! mine had some big time improvements and retrofitting: new kevlar bellows, Yenkee 3 in one screen, new handle, linhof technika board adapted... hopefully soon it will be all finished