View Full Version : Status of Forte and Bergger VC paper

John Sarsgard
4-Feb-2005, 14:19
I've been (somewhat anxiously) following the financial sagas of Forte and Ilford for some time now. I've been printing almost entirely on Forte VC warmtone for several years now, and thought that if they went under, Bergger would be a perfectly fine replacement. I've tried their papers several times, and have been pleased. In fact, their VC warmtone paper seems very similar to Forte. Some whose sources of information I respect have told me that's so because Bergger doesn't do their own manufacturing. Whatever reason, they are both lovely and I'd be happy to use either. Ilford's is faster, but not as rich an appearance and with a lighter paper base. I much prefer the look of the Forte or Bergger. As of right now, though, both are on back order from both Adorama and B&H, my usual sources. Does anyone know if this is temporary? Will either or both be available again? If I want to print on VC FB warmtone paper, is Ilford going to be my only choice, or does anyone know of other viable options? Thanks!

Eric Woodbury
4-Feb-2005, 14:56
I print on Bergger VC CB which I like very much. I have been buying it from Freestyle. They are out of stock, too, as is Calumet. I'm told by Bergger rep. and Freestyle that some Bergger papers are coated by Forte and that is the problem. I'm told 3 months for paper and that was about 3 weeks ago.

I have read at the Kentmere website, that they have a paper that is warm and similar to Bergger VC CM. That is what they say, not me. I don't know. It is 'Fineprint', I think they call it. Try it. It is available through Freestyle. If you don't like it, Freestyle will aways refund you. Let me know.

Happy printing.