View Full Version : Toyo 45A-II sloppy focus track - how to tighten?

Phil Hudson
16-Jul-2015, 01:32
I haven't used my Toyo 45A-II in some time and was considering selling it but I've just noticed that the focus track is a bit loose in its V-grooves (when focusing it pulls slightly to one side because of the play in the focus track).

Does anyone have any experience of how to adjust this?

Any advice appreciated!

Peter De Smidt
16-Jul-2015, 06:31
Can it be shimmed?

16-Jul-2015, 13:54
To tighten the focus on a Toyo 45 (A) (A II) (AX), you first need to remove the cover. The cover has glue around the perimeter holding it in place, and that's easy enough to release, but the tripod plate also has the be removed: get the tip of an X-acto (or similar) under the leatherette ring, pull it off and remove the three screws, you will need a 3mm internal hex (Allen) wrench.


The three red arrows point to the adjusting screws/bolts. Loosen the three small slot screws, these actually screw into the piece that has the blank distance scale you can see on the left side of the focusing track, viewing from the top. The outer bolts with the slotted flanges raise and lower the distance scale piece to loosen or tighten the focus mechanism. These bolts are usually adjustable by hand once you break them loose from the paint/sealant that is used to keep them from rattling loose, if not, small tweezers or needle-nose pliers should work. Turn the slotted bolts an equal amount each (try 1/4 turn), tighten everything back up and check the focusing, redo until the tension is what you want. I like to use just a drop of Super Glue gel to hold the screws/bolts from coming loose.


The green arrow points to the adjuster for the focus lock, you might as well check/adjust that while you have the cover off.

I just use a little black silicone when putting the plastic cover back on and use Pliobond on the leatherette trim piece.

Peter De Smidt
16-Jul-2015, 15:54
Great post!

Phil Hudson
16-Jul-2015, 16:13
Thanks so much - I'll give it a go and report back!

Phil Hudson
17-Jul-2015, 06:06
It was exactly as described - thanks for the clear instructions and photos!

17-Jul-2015, 07:13
I'm glad I was able to be of assistance, it helped that I had a "parts" 45A here and was setting up to do some other table-top photographs yesterday!

17-Jul-2015, 08:17
i just love this place! :) thanks