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Ellis Vener
4-Feb-2005, 09:20
I want to start a survey & discussion of large format gear. it is informal and I have no ulterior motives (i.e. no sponsors). I am not necessarily interested in brand names but if you want to add that please feel free.

1.) How much and what type of new equipment primarily used for large format did you purchase in the 12 months? This includes cameras, lenses, accessories, tripods, heads, film holders, darkroom tools, etc.

2.) How much and what type of the LF gear that you purchased in the last year was used equipment?

3.) Do have a rough guesstimate total of how much you spent ?

Donald Qualls
4-Feb-2005, 09:27
1) In August 2004, I purchased a Porter Cable tripod, sold for supporting surveying equipment and/or laser levels.

2) Within the past year, I have purchased a Zeiss-Ikon 250/7 Ideal (9x12 cm plate camera) sold as parts, and an Ica 225 Ideal (also 9x12 cm) -- and found it easier to repair the parts camera than the "good" one, though the good one supplied ground glass back and film holders. I've also purchased additional film holders for these, and one lot of film sheaths, all in 9x12 cm size.

3) My total expenditure on LF equipment in the past year has been approximately $225 including everything above.

4-Feb-2005, 09:35
new 5x7 . Tripod. Head. Easel.

used. 8x10,5x7. Colour analyzer. film holders 5x7 and 8x10.

Do I have to think about cost? Close to $3k I guess.

Donald Brewster
4-Feb-2005, 09:36
I generally do not purchase new large format equipment, and definitely none over the last couple of years. I've picked up a couple of long-ish RD Artar lenses in the past year (a 19" in shutter and a 24" in barrell), and a few other odds and ends that don't immediately come to mind. I'd say my total equipment expenditure in the last year was about $1000.

Calamity Jane
4-Feb-2005, 09:38
Oh my! Do we HAVE to admit this publicly????

Since I just started in LF about a year ago, the list is lengthy!

1 Combi-Plan 4x5 daylight tank, new, $88

1 e-bay Schneider convertable lens, mediocre quality $135

Cherry wood to build 1 camera $100

Clear Fir to build a tripod $100

2 Beseler Dichro 45 color heads from e-bay - about $400 total

1 Beseler Dichro 45 from a friend - price is private

1 Enlarger lens from a friend - price is private

Wood to build an enlarger - $0

Negative carrier - $30

1 Pentax (old) Spot Meter from e-bay - about $75

Maple wood to build a second camera - $150

1 Beseler D.A.T.A. module - $60

1 Beseler PM1 color analizer - $30

I am sure there are a number of things I have forgotten! I also haven't included film and chemicals, which would add another $300 to the total.

If it wasn't for e-bay and building my own stuff, there's no way I could afford this!

Kirk Gittings
4-Feb-2005, 09:47

Most of my purchases in the last year related to digital darkroom or lighting, a little over $8000 all told. That included:

All new for Digital Darkroom transition:
1)Epson 3200, then 4870 scanners and a Canon 9950F which was returned.
2)Epson 4000 with extended waranty and C86 printers
3)New Monitor
4)Imageprint RIP with maintenance agreement
5)two external and one internal hard drive
4)Double sided DVD writer
5)more memory


Used: A Norman 2000 and 800 powerpack
New: a Lowepro largeformat pack, two Fuji readyload holders and two Calumet C2N 6x9 roll film holders.

This was one of those years to just bite tthe bullet and go for it.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
4-Feb-2005, 09:48
New: Manfrotto 3030 pan/tilt head

Used: 210mm Sinaron, 150mm G Claron, Tominon 75mm lens for the shutter, Tominon 105mm lens for the shutter, 8 film holders (4X5), Sekonic light meter. total $350 + shipping.

Plans: for 4X5 field camera $15 - I will be joining Calamity Jane at the wood store any day now.

Film - 200 sheets of short dated Provia 100F

Jim Galli
4-Feb-2005, 10:08
1. $1000 film, paper, chems. When all the film co.s were going broke I loaded my chest freezer with my lifetime supply so this isn't a normal year.

2. Classic lenses, cameras, tripods, display antiques, film holders, ephemera, plain old junk, $7500 maybe? Is the IRS monitoring this?

3. I don't keep good records.

Graham Patterson
4-Feb-2005, 10:30
New: tripod for all formats to 5x4 (carbon fibre - around $300 and only my second tripod in three decades of photography!) About my only new purchase in maybe 25 years.

Used: 5x4 wood field camera, two lenses, 6x9 roll film back, film holders, darkcloth, tank, some filters. Call it $1750. Saunders 20x16 4-blade easel for $175 (not LF specific). Second spotmeter (again, not LF specific) $150.

This was an exceptional year. Normally the expenditure is on film, paper, and shoe-leather.

J. P. Mose
4-Feb-2005, 10:53

58mm Super Angulon XL

110mm Super Symmar XL

2 ea. 8x10 Toyo Film Holders

1548 Gitzo Tripod with Gitzo Fluid Head

Jobo 3000 series tank

Jobo Vacuum Pump for 3000 series tank

Linhof Techno Rollex Back

Linhof Technika 45 lens board


Linhof Technika 70 with 53mm Biogon, 80mm Planar and 180mm Sonnar

Linhof Technika Press 23 with 53mm Biogon, 100mm Planar and 180mm Sonnar

Linhof Technika-Flex attachment with 270mm Objectives

Linhof Super Rollex 6x9 back for 6x9 camera

Linhof Kardan 8x10 camera with 5x7 and 4x5 reducing backs; hard case; compendium shade

Linhof Right hand Anatomical Grip

Linhof Select 53mm Biogon Press Mount

Linhof Select 100mm Planar

Linhof Select 150mm Tessar

Linhof Select 45mm Biogon

Linhof 95mm Red filter

4x5 Reversible Back Graflex (1902) with unknown lens

5x7 Press Graflex with 13" Cooke

5x7 Home Portrait Graflex with 13" Kodak Aerostigmat

4x5 Anniversary Speed Graphic with 127mm Ektar (black war version)

5x7 Pre-Anniversary Speed Graphic with 190mm Kodak Anastigmat barrel

7 1/2" Kodak Anasigmat with Ilex shutter

2 each 8" Dallmeyer Pentac f/2.9

210mm Super Symmar HM

6 each Graflex style 5x7 holders

10x10 Super Chromega II "F" Enlarger with 240mm Componon Lens

20x24 Sanders Easel


$31,000 Approximate

Peter Hruby
4-Feb-2005, 10:57
1.) Bought - 8X10 Deardorff + 8x10 back + lens boards, 210mm Schneider Super Angulon + retainer, 16 8x10 Fidelity Elite Holders, Tripod, CAP-40 Processor, 2 x Spectra TriColor Meter, 150 4" Gelatin Filters.
Sold- all 120 and 35 mm cameras and lens

All used.

Around 5,000 USD.

J. P. Mose
4-Feb-2005, 10:58
I think I am about to get sick.............

David Karp
4-Feb-2005, 11:26

1. Nothing new.

2. One Fujinon SW 90mm f/8.0 (older single coated) used for $275.00.

I also made some of my own equipment. I bought some plexiglass for a few bucks and build a "slosher" for developing 4x5 film. I spent a few more bucks on some plywood and paint for two home-made lensboards to use on a Calumet C-1 that I borrowed from a friend.

In case you want to know about film too, I bought a couple boxes of 100 sheets of Arista 400 4x5, one 25 sheet box of Arista 125 4x5 , one 25 sheet box of Arista.Edu 400 4x5, and one 25 sheet box of Arista.Edu 400 8x10. I think this probably cost around $160.00.

No idea how much I spent on chemicals. Not too much last year. It was a bad year for photography in my household.

4-Feb-2005, 11:48
Adobe Creative Suite
3 fresnel lights plus C-stands and clamps
Polaroid holder and two Toyo holders
Color checker and gray scale
Gel sheets and diffusion material
Foamcore, Vellum, Mylar sheets
Gaffer's tape
Technical and art books

About US$4500 for equipment and $1000 for books

1950's 254mm lens purchased for the optics rather than to save money
De Vere 4x5 enlarger

About $600 for both

Dick Baznik
4-Feb-2005, 11:57
New: K. B. Canham DLC45; Epson 3200; Fidelity film holders

Used: Fujinon W 250mm f6.3; Nikkor-M 450mm f9.0

$$$: About $3,500 (that's my story and I'm sticking to it)

BTW, I sold a 4x5 monorail as well, so my net out-of-pocket is a bit less.

4-Feb-2005, 12:09
8x10 + reducing backs ( 5*7 / 4*5 ) + 12 film holders + triple lens = 1200$ total

only used, nothing new

paul owen
4-Feb-2005, 12:12
Don't let my wife see this!

An Ebony 45SU

A Schneider Super Angulon 90mm 6.8 Classic

Gitzo CF 1325 tripod

Art Panorama 6x17 roll film back

Tons of film

But traded in an Ebony too!

Used stuff - nothing last year but I also traded in a darkroom set up*

*trying to justify the new buys!

Total bill ... well, you know, only about, uhm, well, I'm not sure really, but with the trade in deal and well, you know, with all that stuff I got rid of on E**y, not that much honest!

4-Feb-2005, 12:13
1. Nothing LF new, I fear, except a couple boxes of Poloaroid 52. There was a week, however, when I was hot to buy a Phillips 8x10 had it been available (lucky for me there's a year waiting list and the passion soon ebbed).
2. Used LF -- some 77mm B&W filters and various step-up and step-down adapters.
3. Cost -- approx $200. (But over $3000 on new digital stuff.)

David A. Goldfarb
4-Feb-2005, 12:45
1. New purchases (excluding consumables like film, chemicals, etc.)--some filters and step rings, a few lensboards, a custom adapter from SK Grimes, a Linhof fresnel for my Tech V, Dayi 617 back, pH meter for the darkroom, compact light stand, some Jobo film clips.

2 Used--various lenses, 5x7" Press Graflex, an Omega D-II that fits my tight darkroom space and all sorts of Omega widgets, a few Norman widgets, darkroom odds and ends like tanks and hangers for 5x7" film and stainless trays that replaced plastic ones. Bought some used B+W and Heliopan filters mostly for medium format, but they double for LF sometimes. Also bought a few beautiful old Perrin leather cases--they don't make them like that anymore. Sold off some less used items too--a 360 Tele-Arton, my MF enlarger that was replaced by the D-II, some lenses for 35mm, a Norman 200B setup. Gave away some surplus darkroom gear to a friend.

3. How much? I don't keep careful track, since I don't write my photo stuff off in general, with the exception of things that I acquire mainly in connection with my day job. Based on my estimated monthly expenditures including consumables, I'm guessing around $5000.

J. P., if it'll make you feel better, let me know how much you want for that Tech 70/Biogon kit.

Dan Dozer
4-Feb-2005, 12:48
After years of getting by with older equipment, I finally made the jump to higher tech and bought a Ries tripod and head as well as a Linhof Technikardan (both used). Also picked up on E-bay a Kodak 2D 8x10 (have yet to use it - needs a little repair work). Those coupled with the usual misc. film and darkroom supplies brought total to around $3k for the year.

Ben Calwell
4-Feb-2005, 13:02
The last new thing I bought was a panorama board for my 4x5 last year. Also last year, I traded a camera that I never used for a used Sinar F-1. I had to buy a new lens board for the Sinar, howver. I also purchased a used bag bellows for it.
I'm thinking of replacing my old Linhof 5x7 (too heavy) with a new Tachihara 5x7. I don't have a lot of disposable income to spend on photo gear.

Rich Long
4-Feb-2005, 13:37
Did my wife put you up to this? I'd prefer she didn't read this list.


Nikkor 200 f/8 M (couldn't find a used one)

Gnass Gear lens case and film holder cases

Kelty Redwing backpack

Film (I don't get good results with used film)

Misc. filters and gagdets (gray card, cable releases, etc)


Caltar II-N 90 f/6.8

Sironar-N 135 f/5.6

Nikkor 300 f/9 M (just arrived as I was reading this thread)

Tachihara 4x5

Total spent: somewhere around $3200 to $3500, half of which was financed by selling other LF and MF photo gear

We're not counting money spent on drum scans and prints, are we?

MIke Sherck
4-Feb-2005, 13:52
I'm on an extremely tight budget, so practically everything I have is used. Sometimes well used. :) Aside from supplies (film, paper, chemistry):

New: <li>Cooler bag, converted to camera bag (Wal-Mart): $6.50 plus $4 for foam.
<li>Lee 100mm gel filter holder: $20
<li> 20" shutter cable release: $12

Used: <li>180mm Fuji CM-W (E-bay) $325
<li>240 Caltar II-N (E-bay) $350
<li>D2 cold light (E-bay) $60
<li>9 - 5x7 film holders: $40
<li>5x7 film back for B&J field: $25 + trade goods

J. P. Mose
4-Feb-2005, 13:52
"Did my wife put you up to this? I'd prefer she didn't read this list"

That must be part of my madness....I'm single!

Ben Calwell
4-Feb-2005, 14:00
Forgot to put the amount I spent in my post above. New lens board for Sinar, $90 (I about fell over on that one), $15 bucks for panorama board and I think about $125 for a used bag bellows for the Sinar.

David Mark
4-Feb-2005, 14:13
From Really Right Stuff, an arca-style QR plate for my Canham DLC 45.
From Kirk Enterprises, an adaptor plate to allow my Bogen 410 geared head to take Arca-style QR plates.
A Black Jacket dark cloth.
From GnassGear, the dark cloth, short lens case, 8 pouch film-holder file
From Calumet & hunt Photo, 100 sheet box of HP5+ and ancillary chemistry and paper.

Total outlay, including everything, is (I think) between $700 and $800.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
4-Feb-2005, 14:26
My major expense this year was an 11x14 Burke & James Camera and 22" f/4 Dallmeyer Patent 5A. Together these were $1500.

I spent another $500 or so on miscellaneous and useless eBay purchases; 8" f2.7 B&L lens, 5x7 Tailboard Camera, Thorton-Pickard 1/2 Plate Camera, two 19th Century Portrait lenses.

I spent about $400 on chemicals, film and other sundries.

Finally, I spent another $200 on custom built equipment for alternative processes.

Rich Long
4-Feb-2005, 14:29
J.P., on my father-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary, he told me:

"I never knew what true happiness was until I got married.

But then it was too late."

My wife does try to keep some of my spending within reason, but I think I'll keep her. The real question is, will she keep me?

Robert Skeoch
4-Feb-2005, 15:36
In the last year I've bought.
Fuji 300 f9,
Fuji 450 f12,
bunch of holders for 8x10,
Canon D1 MKII,
70-200 2.8,
300 2.8, (two of these actually after dropping one in the lake)
flashes for canon,
4 white lightning flashes,

Wisner 8x10,
Wisner 4x5 back for 8x10,
Zone VI tripod,
Minolta Spot Meter,
Schneider 300 5.6,
Nikkor 135 for 4x5,
more holders for 8x10,
zone vi 4x5,
and about $1200 work of tmax 400 in 8x10

Don't tell my wife.

David Roossien
4-Feb-2005, 15:44
1 Arca Swiss Discovery New $1425

1 Rodenstock Lupe New $100

1 Fuji Quickload Holder New $100

1 Nikorr 90mm f4.5 lens Used $900

1 150mm Fuji W lens Used $210

5 (20 sht QL) packs Fuji Velvia 100F

3 (20 sht QL) packs of Fuji Astia 100F

1 82mm Hoya PL New

Ken Cravillion
4-Feb-2005, 16:07


1. Schneider 90mm f/5.6 $225 (It's even a newer MC one too!)

2. Nikkor 300mm f/9 $575


Wacon 6x8 tablet

Lacie 250GB

Not much really....

Tom Westbrook
4-Feb-2005, 16:34
New stuff: LPL VCCE 4550XLG enlarger & accessories, Jobo expert drums, 16x20 easel, ET500 enlarger timer & foot switch, Peak critical focuser, Epson R800 printer, Gitzo 1321 leveling base, Gitzo 1548GT tripod, Bogen 405 head, Jobo lift, Tenba tripod bag, various GnassGear items, Rodenstock 55mm lens & board, Nikon 90mm lens & board, & misc bits and pieces.

<li>Used stuff: 135mm enlarger lens, Jobo CPP & accessories, Seal 16x20 dry mount press.

<li>How much? New = $7000, Used = $1300, and, if you're interested, about $1000 for consumables (film/paper/chemicals/mounting/other), and $1200 for one workshop incl. air fare and hotel.
Just a guess, but I think that for 2005 spending on consumables will increase by about a third and hardware spending will decrease (except I keep wondering about 8x10). Education expenses will be about the same. I actually hope to sell a print or two later this year, and maybe all the spending will produce a tiny bit of income (crossing my fingers).

Eric Leppanen
4-Feb-2005, 16:53
2004 was the year I succumbed to the 8x10 bug, with brutal consequences:


Ebony SV810U with bag bellows
Lowepro Super Trekker AW II


SS150XL with CF
Sinaron SE 240
Fuji 300A
Fuji 360A
Nikon 800/1200T
Lee filter holders and lens hood

Add film and various miscellaneous items, and the grand total comes out to around $19K. Yikes!

I actually developed a rationale for all this: with bank and money market accounts yielding little more than the rate of inflation (at least in the U.S.), better to park cash in commodities I can use and enjoy rather than store it unproductively in some cash account. Since much of my gear was purchased used, in theory I can eventually resell it near/at my original purchase price. How's that?

And to paraphrase my late grandfather (RIP): damn, those 8x10 transparencies look good!

Tim Chakravorty
4-Feb-2005, 17:30
I don't know what got over me the first week of 2005, I made the leap to 4x5 from years of less than satisfactory 35mm and digital experience. In that week I ordered



Shen Hao HZX45IIA $625

Rodenstock APO Sironar-S $780


Canoscan 9950F $340

Film Holders (Fidelity) 4 $40


Birthday gift from my brother ( $110) -- not counted

Schneider 4x



Schneider 210/5.6 Apo Symmar $570

Nikkor SW 90/4.5 $670


$ 3025 (not counting the birthday gift )

and all in a week !. I have never splurged so much, and I don't think I ever should/will again.

But at least its infinitely better than spending $4000 on a toy camera like the EOS 1D Mk II that will be obsolete by Christmas.

Frank Petronio
4-Feb-2005, 17:53
I'm Frank and I've been addicted to eBay for far too long.

I bought and sold three complete used 4x5 outfits, including a Dean Jones-modified Polaroid 110B, an older Arca-Swiss monorail, and my beloved Apollo 19 Titanium Technika IV (bought the year before.) I ended up the year with a newly loved Arca-Swiss Discovery-F series hybrid and some nice, almost new Rodenstock lenses. I also traded several lenses and smaller format Rollei and Leica stuff. Altogether about $15,000 of transactions, but I started 2004 with $2000 worth of large format gear and ended it with about $4000 worth. I made about $2000 by buying systems and selling off individual parts, but you don't want to do this for profit as much as a chance to try interesting cameras out and interact with some nice people (over 500 transactions, never a bad one, at least for cameras).

In 2003 I was laid up and not able to work too much. I traded about $30K, mostly Leica collectibles. Again, I didn't make much but I got to fondle all the nice equipment, even if I couldn't afford to hold on to it for more than a month or two.

One crazy idea I've had, that might actually make money but is one helluva long shot, is to buy every single item that comes up in a certain category - like buy every single Linhof that comes onto eBay for six months (this would take a lot of credit cards). Then starve the market and jack the price up, especially for all those people that absolutely need to have that item. Evil and devious, but I haven't the resources or the guts!

Sometimes I think my hobby is eBay, not photography... now that I'm busy I mostly only buy stuff that I need and plan to keep, but last month I got a great deal on another Leica ...

4-Feb-2005, 18:35
szabad 8x10 with a 4x5 graflok and 5x7 back USED - around 900$

12 8x10 plate holders USED - around 100$

12 8x10 film holders USED - around 100$

wollensak 13-20-25 triple convertible USED - around 190$

CLA ( betax #5 from above lens )- 30$

brick-a-brack - 100$

sold a 8x10 B&J to afford the szabad ( bought + sold for 300$ )

bought / sold a 3x4 auto graflex ( made 20$ )

sold an adams retouching desk filled with leads / holders &
1940s "how-to" coursebooks from ny institute of photography (made 300$)

total spent around 1420$ ---
total made around 320$

QT Luong
4-Feb-2005, 18:50
I haven't purchased a single piece of LF equipment new or old in the last year, nor any film and do not expect to do so this year as well. All money spent was E6 processing.

QT Luong
4-Feb-2005, 18:56
Well, actually, in all fairness I use my Epson 4870 (about $600) only for LF scanning, so I assume it could be considered LF equipment, unless the rest of my computer equipment.

Steve McKinney
4-Feb-2005, 19:18
1) Generic Lensboard

Epson 4870

Various and sundry darkroom equipment and parts to make home made BTZS tubes

BTZS Darkcloth

Silvestri Loupe

2) Super Speed Graphic

Wisner Pocket Expedition

Caltar-II N 150mm f/5.6

Nikon 300mm f/9

Nikon 90mm f/8

Holders, etc.

3) Total? About $4,600

This year? I think I've filled out my kit for now so consumables only! Well, maybe a wide carriage printer ;)

Andre Noble
4-Feb-2005, 19:41
2004 was aberrationally high in gear:

LF 2004: $ 2,500
MF 2004: $ 6,000
35mm 2004: $5,000
Multiple: $2,000 (ie, Lee Filter System)

Projected 2005: Schneider 150 XL (~$1,700) hopefully the only big ticket. Projected
2007 or 2008: I hope to get an Arca Swiss 5x7 F metric & center filter for
150XL (~$5,000)

I really respect QT's approach. I want to be a true photographer like that
one day. I'm going to try this year.

Chris Gittins
4-Feb-2005, 20:21
> $31,000 Approximate

Holy #%*&!!! That's... That's... That's a downpayment on a nice house. Or three, maybe four, kidneys on the black market. Wow. (Very nice hardware though.)

My purchases were a tad more modest:

Agfa-Ansco 8x10,
a few 8x10 film holders,
Caltar 300/5.6,
Caltar 150/5.6,
Rodagon 150,
several old Componons and an old EL-Nikkor,
dry mount press

Bogen tripod head to accommodate the 8x10

I probably spent around $1500 total - almost certainly less than I did in 2003. The most likely major purchase for 2005 is a 6x7 system - definitely used, probably Mamiya.


joe a kras
4-Feb-2005, 20:26
Great thread! But what are you going to do with this? Blackmail?

Canham 8X10
Assorted lens boards and adapter
2 gigs of ram for scanning
Additional DVD burner for saving images
Buckets of Film

11X14 with all affiliated necessary gear (gulp)

I don't know what I actually spent, but I do feel I got my monies worth!


MIke Sherck
4-Feb-2005, 20:39
Now that I think about it, strike the two lenses from my response: the Fuji 180 mm and the Caltar II-N 240mm. I bought those the year before. It's 2005 now, duh... :)


Rich Long
4-Feb-2005, 20:59
Tuan, I'm curious. You spent money on E6 processing but not film. Do you have a big freezer full of film, or what? I see by your website that you're shooting far more than I.

QT Luong
4-Feb-2005, 22:05
Rich, my freezer is full of cheap, out of date 8x10 Astia from freestyle, some purchased as low as $0.50/sheet. Andre, in order to keep your respect, I won't disclose the amount I spent on digital 35mm :-( and computer equipement, since I am just replying textually to Ellis's questions, which was about LF.

Vamsi M
4-Feb-2005, 22:34
All used equipment: Speed Graphic with lens, ready to shoot: $150, Calumet monorail + 150 Apo Sironar + tripod, $550, fast aerial camera lens $125, Film and processing about $1200.

Alas, I don't see my film costs are going down in the future. But I doubt I'll spend much more on equipment.

Nature Photo
4-Feb-2005, 22:39
1. Epson 4870 (not Professional), Adobe PS CS upgrade, RAM, RAID.
2. Expired B&W film (Maco IR).
3. Rented various lenses (5-6 times, generally one lens each time ) from local store.
4. Kelty Backpack. WalMart plastic box.

John Kasaian
4-Feb-2005, 22:52
I don't remember.

Then again, maybe I'm in denial.

Daniel Geiger
4-Feb-2005, 23:26
Just started in LF end of last year, so its a complete outfit:

Arca 4x5 F line compact, WA and long bellows, three boards, spare ground glass, fresnel, 30 cm extension rail --
Sekonic 558L --
Polaroid, Quickload holders --
Gitzo 1325, short column, Arca B1, Bogen 3552 long lens support, second Arca rail clamp. --
Focussing cloth --
Toyo 6x loupe --
pneumatic shutter release --
flash hot-shoe to x-sync connector cable --
Lowepro supertrecker AW --
Calumet bellows extension calculator card thingy --
Shutter wrench --
Also for 35 mm use: Lee filter set-up: filter holder, pol-holder, B&W 105 mm pol, graduated ND filter set, 81, 81A, 81C, compendium shade, 3 adaptor rings. --
Tupper ware for film holders (dust protector)

Schneider 90 mm f/8 --
Rodenstock/Sinaron 150 mm --
Nikon T 360 plus 500 rear element (looking for a 720 rear element) --

Ah, the total: hmm, 7-8 grand, I'd guess. Worth every penny. Daniel

P.S. Film and processing not included, shot maybe 100 Quickloads, more in the freezer, some 30 Polaroids. Getting there.

Gem Singer
5-Feb-2005, 06:44
Hi Ellis,

Out of curiosity, do you plan on taking the same survey on the other LF forums? If not, why only on this forum? If yes, what is the actual purpose of this survey?

Andre Noble
5-Feb-2005, 11:18
Coincidently, one day before this post, I sat down with a tax accountant and made a list simlilar to those above. Can save you tons of money on the write off you get for depreciation and loss if you have (or are starting) a photography business in good faith.

For J.P.Mose and the Ebay buy/sell guy et al, you should consult a creative tax professional if you haven't already done so.

Hans Berkhout
5-Feb-2005, 16:05
I bought a Kokak Readyload filmholder for about $ 90 I think, 200 sheets of single sheet readyloads-now idea of the cost- and for about $150 from J Gnass, for the Readyload and lens cases. Metol, NaSulfite, Glycin by the truckload, no idea of the price, just type in my order and creditc. number.

Some spikes for my Gitzo carbo will be next, and more film. Paper? still waiting if Forte will return, have about 5 boxes left ...

Somewhat related A History of Beauty (Umb. Eco) and Amsterdam in the sixties (Leon.Freed). Tempted by prints on the Ebay store of Russ Levin-have a look!.

John Berry ( Roadkill )
5-Feb-2005, 19:05
Not anything new in lf gear, except a fuji quickload holder. I dropped out of the lens of the month club a long time ago. I did get a new 3.4Ghz puter though. Now that I'm getting back into film burning I might have to revisit the lens club. LOL I did have to build up my darkroom again though. Bessler 45V-XL, (still looking for an anti-newton glass 4X5 neg carrier) 150 rodagon, micromega critical grain focuser, saunders 20X24 4 blade easel. 20X24 trays, ( I still had my 11X14 and 30X40 trays ). You know the usual just enough to get by stuff. I don't count film and chemicals, they're just going to happen. If it's film or grocerys, I'll be having a candy bar while I'm out shooting. It is an addiction you know ( let me hear an amen). How about gas? I've already shot the crap out of anything within a tank out and back . All the darkroom stuff in the last month. For me about 5K. $31000, DAMN, you know that's enough to feed a teenager for 3 whole months. John

Tadge Dryja
5-Feb-2005, 20:40
I'll put in my stats here.

2004 was when I started, so I had to build up from scratch more or less.


Lowepro AW backpack $200ish

A #1 horseman lensboard $50

f/64 filmhoder pouches: 2 @$20 ea (I really like these)

cheapo 8X loupe from adorama $5

..thats it for new I think


Horseman 4x5 monorail $700

Whole mess of film holders, maybe $80 in total

Lensboards $30

G-claron 150mm in copal#0 $150

Repro-claron 305mm in compur#1 $250

Grandagon 75/6.8 in copal#0 $550

...And of course, I use the $150 lens by far the most, the 305mm less so, and the 75mm least of all! But I figured that'd be the case anyway.

5-Feb-2005, 20:54
Could everyone also put the physical address of where your gear is usually kept and and the usual times of day and days of the week that you are not home. Especially you, J.P.

Michael Dowdall
6-Feb-2005, 00:43
Deardorff 8X10 used Bought $700 sold $700

B&J 8X10 Sold $275

8X10 enlarger with Durst head used $300

Fuji 210W 5.6 single coated used $400

Schneider Angulon 165mm 6.8 on loan with the option to buy $?

Dri-mount press used $300

Deardorff 8X10 + 4X5 back + 19inch Artar used $850

B&L triple rectilinear used $75

24-4X5 film holders used $60

Wisner 4X5 technical + wide angle bellows + three lens boards + Ries tripod used $1500

All the prices above are in Canadian dollars

Total $3210 CDN or $2582.67 USD.

With the older lens' I had before the year started I want just one more lens for the 8X10 and I'll be all set. Just film, paper and chemicals. Unless the 7X17 that a friend was telling me about today comes through.

Anne Williams
6-Feb-2005, 06:53
1. Carbon fiber tripod, ball head, QR plates
2. Film, paper and chemicals
3. Processing and printing of transparencies

I'm guessing around $1500 for LF.

Scott Rosenberg
6-Feb-2005, 11:28
it's good to see there's a healthy market for LF gear!

Andre Noble
6-Feb-2005, 12:54
"Withheld" :

I'd give you my address. Unfortunately considering my tough neighborhood, the D.A. would afterwards charge me with accessory to homicide when you didn't make it out.


austin granger
7-Feb-2005, 15:48
I spent approximately one beloved ducati motorcycle on a new 8x10 setup. A painful sacrifice, I can assure you.

Merg Ross
7-Feb-2005, 22:07
Hello Austin-

Glad you made the sacrifice. You, and photography, may be the better for it. Congratulations and best wishes for the expanding family.



Ellis Vener
8-Feb-2005, 20:51
I had two reasons for asking this question:

1.) Satisfying my curiousity and either confirming or disproving my suspicion. (It was confirmed -- less and less new LF gear is sold every year.)

2.) To point ou the incredibly small market for new large format equipment. Crunch what you find here any way you like.

Someone asked if I was running this survey on other forums. No, but you are welcome to. I suspect that most people who participate in the other forums also participate here, and besides this is the best place I've found for serious LF discussions.

8-Feb-2005, 21:11
Now wait a second. You didn't ask how much new equipment was bought in the past so how can you confirm less was sold? Did you ask the same question last year?

Considering the lifespan of LF equipment I'm suprised just how much new equipment was bought.

MacGregor Anderson
8-Feb-2005, 23:04

Your assumptions may well be right, but your method is flawed. What in the world makes you think I'd tell you what I spent on LF gear this year? How many people aren't responding, for a number of fairly obvious reasons? This survey isn't off by 10 or 20%. It's off by ten fold, a hundred fold. Frankly, it's dumb.

I will take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your contributions here and on other forums. I've learned a great deal from you experience and expertise. That's no b.s., but your survey most certainly is.


Frank Petronio
9-Feb-2005, 06:37
I don't think Ellis had any motive other than curiousity and a desire to create an interesting thread that may help us reflect on our expensive hobby-lifestyle choices.

One thing I draw from it is how much larger the hardgoods cost are over the softgoods. May we all start shooting more and buying gear less!

But, no, I don't expect a survey like this to be at all useful. It's just a way to get to know each other better on this (excellent) online community.