View Full Version : Reasonably priced digital printer for black and white

Mark Lipton
27-Aug-1999, 17:11
I know this has been asked in the past, but due to rapidly evolving technology, I thought it appropriate to ask again. Is there a digital printer (less than $5 000) which can produce prints that truly rival conventional black and white prin ts. In particular, I will be scanning 4x5 negatives on a new Umax scanner. I h ear the Epson 1200 printer does a good job within its size limitations. I would like to hear from people with experiences with new printers since information m ore than a year old is probably outdated except with respect to the very high en d printers. Thank you for your attention.

Bobbe Singer
21-Jan-2000, 11:10
Hi Mark, We purchased the Epson 1200 and love it! We have only printed color to date. There are secondary markets that take the color head (6 color) and fill it with 6 shades of gray. It is to be archival... I have also seen the Alps MD-5000, really nice prints and about the same price as the Epson 1200. The Alps http://www.alpusa.com The ink http://www.missupply.com A review of http://www.tssphoto.com Happy printing, Bobbe ;^]