View Full Version : HP+ and DD-X 4x5 processing for newbie

Eric Dolphy
13-Jul-2015, 18:31
from an old thread:

I had a container made for dunking the 45 film while in the hanger, it is 3/4 in wide, 6 inches long, and 6 inches deep, it holds 13 oz of developer and when the hanger is in it, it comes about 1/4 inch above the top of the hanger, I develop one sheet at a time and it works very well. Measure the width of your two hanger set and and allow 1/4 inch, the same for depth and length. Pat

casting about for a processing method, one sheet at a time, HP+ w/Ilfotec DD-X,

one part DD-X, four parts distilled water, nine minutes at 20C
the quoted method seems okay but your pov is needed

does it seem too small an enclosure ? thx all Eric