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13-Jul-2015, 12:57
Hi everyone,

We just put together a list of 11 must-visit places for any photographers traveling to Tokyo.

If you have been to Tokyo, you know how hard to find things (I grew up there...). I thought it would be good idea to list these hard-to-find places as a useful resource for any photographers visiting Tokyo. So, here's the list!

"11 Spots You Need to Visit as a Photographer in Tokyo (http://onwardphoto.org/11-spots-you-need-to-visit-as-a-photographer-in-tokyo/?utm_campaign=tokyo-11&utm_medium=forum&utm_source=LF-travellocation)"

If you are have a chance, stop by Fujiya Camera for super bargain lf lenses which pops up time to time. My friend find Fuji 360/6.3 for $200 because of "dust" in the lens! It is a really amazing place if you are patient.

Let me know what you think about the list


John Olsen
13-Jul-2015, 19:39
This list is very commercial and hardly worth following. You'd be better off to Google photography in Tokyo and make your own list. I think this list shouldn't even be in LF Forum.

13-Jul-2015, 21:39


13-Jul-2015, 22:38
I visit Tokyo maybe 4 times a year and always make Fujiya a part of my "shopping experience". Fujiya is a graveyard for out of fashion Japanese film and digital cameras. You can buy a user F6 for $500 for example. Long ago I got lucky and found a few good deals in Leica screwmount lenses, Nikon S, etc. Rather than to relate my personal experience I should share a classical Chinese cautionary tale worthy of Aesop.

Once there was a young farmer and after a hard day in the fields he walks home passing through a forest. Out of nowhere a rabbit rips through the underbrush as if chased by something with much bigger fangs and immediately crash head first into a tree instantly breaking its neck. The farmer thanking the heavens for his good fortune enjoys his bounty with wine and potatoes. The next day after another hard day at the fields he stops at the same spot hoping for his good fortunes to repeat but after 30 minutes still no rabbit he leaves. The next day he waits an hour but still no rabbit. He becomes obsessed to a point even skipping his days in the fields just to wait for another rabbit. At last he realizes not another rabbit will crash headlong into a tree he continues on in his journey but still he turns around for one last look...and another look.

This is how I feel about Fujiya!