View Full Version : Brass screws for Kodak 2D 8x10

Geoff Schirmer
3-Feb-2005, 03:19
I am restoring a 2D and I need some small round-headed brass screws - 2 mm diam x 10 mm long. Can anyone direct me to a supply source? Thanks.


Calamity Jane
3-Feb-2005, 04:18
I seem to remember Lee Valley Tools having a bunch of brass wood screws. If it's machine screws you need, I haven't seen any.

Good hunting!

Neil Miller
3-Feb-2005, 05:31
I have found yacht chandlers (at least here in the UK) to be a good source for all soerts of brass gizmos, with extensive stocks of brass screws in the larger chandlery suppliers. If you need strength and a brass finish, some of them stock brass-plated steel screws.


Jim Rhoades
3-Feb-2005, 07:26
A good hobby store that supplies model airplane builders will have all sorts of tiny brass screws. Brass stock for making lens board mounting plates too. And check out their plywood for making lens boards.

Neal Wydra
3-Feb-2005, 08:05
Dear Geoff,

Check out www.mcmaster.com

Neal Wydra

Bob Fowler
3-Feb-2005, 08:14
My local Mom & Pop hardware store has brass wood screws like that (I've bought them for my 5X7 Eastman #2).

The sizes I needed were #4 and #6, in both flat and round headed. Larger home center stores should also have them. If all else fails, drop me an email and I can get them for you.

You'll probably want to replace the screws that hold the hinge to the center section as they take a lot of abuse. The stock screws on the 5X7 camera were #4 flat head. I opened up the holes in the brass a bit and went with #6's as my wood was kinda beat from years of use/abuse.

Terence McDonagh
3-Feb-2005, 08:55
Lee Valley and McFeeley's:

http://www.mcfeelys.com/screws.asp (http://www.mcfeelys.com/screws.asp)

Paul Metcalf
4-Feb-2005, 18:58
micro fasteners

http://www.microfasteners.com/ (http://www.microfasteners.com/)