View Full Version : Excellent Deardorff 11x14 studio camera

9-Jul-2015, 08:02
I don't shoot ULF, I'm a 4x5 guy, but I was in Wings Camera in Atlanta yesterday just looking and saw they had a super nice Deardorff 11x14 studio camera. It looked to be in excellent condition! I don't have anything to do with this store other than being an occasional customer. They are very Honest and treat customers with respect.
The sign on the camera said $1600.00. I bet they would work with someone though??
I think they also had an 11x 14 field camera.

8x10 user
9-Jul-2015, 08:12
Did it come with a lens?

9-Jul-2015, 08:31
I don't think so but it had a "Deardorff" tagged lensboard and the was also an extra lensboard I think???

Tin Can
9-Jul-2015, 08:33
It's been on eBay for a while, hard to use without the BiPost stand.

9-Jul-2015, 09:10
If the bellows are good, then that is a downright bargain.
I'm sure I would like Wings Camera, but it is a long drive.

9-Jul-2015, 09:14
What kind of 11x14 filed camera they have? The 11x14 Deardorff studio camera is on eBay for $1388.

9-Jul-2015, 09:38
I took a look at the bellows and they seemed to be in very good condition. I didn't expand them to inspect but did give them a quick look over.