View Full Version : Technika-flex - Linhof Twin Lens Reflex?

Bob Mann
7-Jul-2015, 20:48

Now on that auction site, first time I have heard or seen one of these. Seller's description has the number made at 10 in the 1960's. I have no connection to the sale.

8-Jul-2015, 12:51
wow! what were the linhof guys smoking when they brewed that up!? (item# 131552084846 for anyone looking). Looks well made but also rube goldbergish at the same time. I wonder what it weighs...

Mark Sampson
10-Jul-2015, 19:11
And here I thought a Leica Visoflex II was an elegant kludge...

10-Jul-2015, 19:53
Where is the neck strap?

Some things are rare because they were crap.

David A. Goldfarb
10-Jul-2015, 19:55
There's a picture of it in The Linhof Camera Story.

10-Jul-2015, 19:56
Had to be a guvmnt project.

12-Jul-2015, 15:09
I'd not be surprised if the reflex attachment had a video camera on it, the bottom providing a hard copy.

Tin Can
12-Jul-2015, 16:07
In my 1963 catalog it is described as mirror reflex attachment for Super Technika IV or V.

Says it can be removed in seconds!

Jerry Bodine
12-Jul-2015, 17:31
Here's the SINAR Norma version: