View Full Version : What ground glass is on this Ebony 4x5?

7-Jul-2015, 14:25

What kind of ground glass is on this Ebony 4x5? I know it might be really silly to say this but it looks so amazing and almost jewel-like! I'm curious if this might be a recognizable aftermarket fresnel or ground glass or if it might just be the stock ground glass for the Ebony. I knew Ebony makes finer quality things but I'm not sure if that also applies for the ground glass too so I'm just curious because the ground glass is something I'd like to upgrade on all my cameras. I once had a 4x5 with the best ground glass I've ever used but ended up selling it for an 8x10 camera...ever since I parted ways with that camera I've been searching for a ground glass just as good and haven't found anything I would say was equivalent.

My opinion of a good ground glass + fresnel is where the illumination is almost even across the whole screen (no real heavy fall off) and when you focus on something the fresnel lines don't get in the way but it's still easy to focus on the subject and see whatever you're focusing on pop in focus (with good contrast and not look soft of the edges)

7-Jul-2015, 14:35
That looks just like the stock fresnel/protective glass that comes standard on that model.

7-Jul-2015, 14:36
Ok that what I was kind of thinking...are the ground glasses that come stock on the Ebony cameras anything special or is it really just a stock ground glass?

Drew Wiley
8-Jul-2015, 16:24
Yeah they're "special".. they're the only thing I hate about Ebony. Hard to fine-focus but ideal for trapping condensation between the glass and Fresnel. I replaced it with a Satin Snow groundlgass and have a Sinar glass refitted as a spare.