View Full Version : Optical filter system for larger lenses, what are my options?

7-Jul-2015, 04:34
Hello all,

I'm planning to shoot some city scapes and land scapes with my Aero Ektar and I feel I should look into using graduated ND filters to balance sky and surface. I'm aware that the 'regular' filter systems do not fit the Aero-Ektars uncommon front diameter (I don't have the 'hood' with it either), but I'll work my way around that when I get there.

Looked at Lee filters (expensive) Cokin (less so) and Zomei (suspiciously cheap). Also, there's various eBay offers for different filter types and sizes.

Anyone that can recommend me the best filter system for larger-sized lenses, preferably one that can be made to fit? Or direct me to a thread that covers this topic?


Pete Roody
7-Jul-2015, 07:09
The Cokin X-Pro system works well with large lenses. They have a graduated ND kit.

7-Jul-2015, 08:17
Anyone have any experience with the cheaper, Cokin X-Pro sized, Chinese filters?

I'd prefer the X-Pro (thanks Pete!) but those are pricy to invest in just now, I'm still 'developing' my potential business model in LF as it were ;)

7-Jul-2015, 08:29
What about gel filters ? Use them a lot on my Hassy, but haven't tried yet on my LF

7-Jul-2015, 08:34
I still use Kodak gel filters for LF... big lenses and small lenses.

Pete Roody
7-Jul-2015, 08:36
Kodak Gel Filters in larger sizes are getting hard to find. I have 5"x5" for my large lenses. Should have bought more when I could get them. Non-obtainable now.

I still use Kodak gel filters for LF... big lenses and small lenses.

7-Jul-2015, 12:31
Pete, thank you for pointing out the Cokin X system to me.

Previously I had been looking into the Z system and found it nice but expensive. Today I looked into the X system on eBay and found an auction about to end with eleven filters (!) included. I put in a bid and won the auction for a few bucks under my final bid, for a price that would normally get me three filters only!

Now I have to come up with the EUR 175 quick, or it will be putting the family on noodle soup towards the end of the month ;)