View Full Version : Shen Hao PTB problem - screw blocking rear tilt

6-Jul-2015, 10:11
i just got my shen hao.. was waiting for it super long... it was descriebed as mint a-
but there seem to be few issues and i dont know how to fix em

there is a screw just by the lever that makes it impossible to lock it at 90 degrees
the screw is sticking out and making impossible for the lever to move

what could i do?

hope the attached pic works

thanks guys

Regular Rod
8-Jul-2015, 03:50
Which Shen Hao?


8-Jul-2015, 08:59
shen hao ptb.. its super weird, its my first LF and im also abit paranoid also since it was alot of money and aslo from ebay. both levers seem to be stuck with a screw comming out, so its basically blocking the back standard to tilt backwards or even to be 90 degrees..its stops the back standard at about 80 degrees. ...if the 2 small screws would be inside and the levers could move i think all would be ok

8-Jul-2015, 09:13
I don't own that camera but I do own the one it's based on, the chamonix. Those set screws or "grub nuts" should/might be adjustable with a small hex key.
You could always return it and get a Chamonix:)

8-Jul-2015, 09:44
well, i bough it 2nd hand so there goes my return policy. ill get a small hex tomorrow, it should be 1,5mm, right? and try to hex-it.:-)
was saving for a lf for really long and after i could hardly afford it, this happens :/


Regular Rod
8-Jul-2015, 13:05
I don't have the same model as you but this video might be of some help before you start using tools like Allen keys that I just don't think should be necessary in normal use. You should be able to do everything with just your fingers and thumb tips.



8-Jul-2015, 17:40
well, i bough it 2nd hand so there goes my return policy.
There is not such thing on Ebay. You can return anything for a full refund. Return shipping might be on you depending on the case.

On the other hand, this looks like a simple fix.

Lachlan 717
8-Jul-2015, 18:08
Is it a grub screw that has just come slightly loose? If so, a bit of Loctite should fix it.

8-Jul-2015, 20:11
I had a ptb, great little camera weighs less than 3 pounds

10-Jul-2015, 06:46
thanks for the help and sorry for my paranoia:-)
i managed to fix it :-) simple fix :P

10-Jul-2015, 07:06
Righty tighty, lefty fired!

Alan Gales
10-Jul-2015, 08:17
Righty tighty, lefty fired!