View Full Version : Looking for a Binocular Reflex Finder for a Horseman FA?

3-Jul-2015, 22:39
I have just reentered the world of Large Format by purchasing a Horseman FA, very exciting!

I used to have a Chamonix 45N-1 but sold that when I moved more towards digital..

Am just wondering what my options are for attaching a Folding Binocular Reflex Finder to it? Am I purely limited to the Horseman brand? From what I understand, these are extremely rare and hard to find..

Thanks, any suggestions would be great!

12-Aug-2015, 01:09
Am hoping to hear from anyone using the Horseman Reflex Finder.... Am just wondering if there is any way of using it with a Horseman 6x9 or 6x12 back and some how have the image masked off to those dimensions?

Hope that makes sense! Thanks a lot in advance :)